Grant Hart @ TT the Bear's Place, Cambridge MA, 11 Jul 2002 (more)

Below are some of my own typically pedestrian photos. Laki Vazakas' more imaginative shots are here.

Laki and Grant, 11 Jul 2002
Laki, Grant and parking meters outside the club

Grant, balloon, 11 Jul 2002
Enthralled audience is unaware of imminent attack by giant Marah balloon

Grant Hart, performing, 11 Jul 2002
Rocking out

Grant Hart, onstage, 11 Jul 2002

Grant Hart, audience, 11 Jul 2002
Front row

Grant Hart, Paul Harsha, Brett Milano, 11 Jul 2002
Grant Hart, Paul Harsha, Brett Milano

Indie rock girl backstage, 11 Jul 2002
Indie rock girl backstage with tattoos and homemade Hüsker Dü shirt

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