Miscellaneous scenes, Minneapolis MN, Sep 1998

Minneapolis ahead, Sep 1998
Minneapolis ahead

Out on the Minnesota prairie, Sep 1998
In the heart of the Minnesota grain belt

Regency Plaza Hotel, Minneapolis, Sep 1998
Regency Plaza Hotel, Minneapolis home of the Bob Mould Band & crew on the LDAPS tour

Robert Lee Restaurant, Minneapolis, Sep 1998
The Robert Lee Restaurant, a favorite haunt of Hüskerphile James Lindbloom, proved worthy of a return visit.

Robert Lee Restaurant, Minneapolis, Sep 1998
Sugar lister Jeff Allen hangs at 1st Ave with his friend Susie; an unidentofied friend of Bob Mould, possibly Bill Koch, hangs backstage.

Jud Ehrbar, 1st Ave, Minneapolis, Sep 1998
Varnaline drummer Jud Ehrbar at 1st Ave

Sioux Falls downtown, Sep 1998

1st Ave/7th St Entry shop, Sep 1998
Shop/coat-check room at 1st Ave/7th St Entry Photos: plh

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