Miscellaneous scenes, Sioux Falls SD, Sep 1998

Sioux Falls ahead, Sep 1998
Sioux Falls ahead

Sioux Falls downtown, Sep 1998
Downtown Sioux Falls; I had egg foo yung at Ming Wah

Sioux Falls downtown, Sep 1998
Sidewalk Art Fair; a mile of booths stretched out in the 100-degree heat

Sioux Falls Old Courthouse Museum, Sep 1998
Old Courthouse Museum

Sioux Falls museum interior, Sep 1998
Looking out from inside the museum

Sioux Falls, Indian motorcycle, Sep 1998
1940s Indian from museum vintage motorcycle exhibit

Sioux Falls, museum musical instruments, Sep 1998
19th century musical instruments on display

Sioux Falls, state pen, Sep 1998
State pen, by the falls

Sioux Falls, Sep 1998
Falls area, scrubbed clean to bedrock by the Wisconsin Glacier 14,000 years ago, during the last Ice Age

Sioux Falls, Sep 1998
Yes, there are falls in Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls, Sep 1998
I admit to being fascinated...

Sioux Falls, Sep 1998
...by moving water

Sioux Falls, Sep 1998
A final look at the falls, then it's off to Minneapolis Photos: plh

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