Setlist: Bob Mould @ Iridium, New York NY, 29 Jan 2020 (late show)

The War
Hate Paper Doll
I Apologize
Hoover Dam
Stand Guard
See A Little Light
Sunny Love Song
The Descent
Thirty Dozen Roses
[new song 1: "...we're going to war..."]
[new song 2: " generation..."]
[new song 3: "...forecast of rain..."]
[new song 4: "...I want to be everything to you..."]
Sunshine Rock
Hey Mr. Grey
If I Canít Change Your Mind
[new song 5*]
Daddy's Favorite
Black Confetti [extended version]

Love Is All Around
Makes No Sense At All

Solo electric show. Thanks to Fred Martens.

* Bob described this song as being about about a retail store in Brooklyn, and said it had been written (improvised?) on the spur of the moment earlier in the day with a friend. He thought it sounded like Scorpions, proceeded to play some "arena rock" chords, then said it also reminded him of Kiss. It's not clear whether this is a "real" song or not.

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