Setlist: Grant Hart @ Hook and Ladder, Minneapolis MN, 01 Jul 2017

Grant guest vox with Run Westy Run
All Of My Senses
The Main

Grant solo electric set
Mother Me*
California Zephyr
You're The Reflection Of The Moon On The Water
So Far From Heaven
Green Eyes**
The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill
Remains To Be Seen

* New song, title uncertain.
** With Dave Pirner, guest vox.

Billed as a Grant Hart show with openers Rank Strangers and unspecified "very special guests," this turned out to be a tribute to Grant, with all bands and various combinations of players performing only Grant's songs. Participants included Rank Strangers, Porcupine, Greg Norton, Kraig Johnston (Run Westy Run), Dave Pirner (Soul Asylum), Lori Barbero (Babes in Toyland), and Tim Piotrowski (Duck Kicking Vulture, Yanomamos). Grant was apparently the only person in the Twin Cities who was not in on the poorly kept secret. Unfortunately, Grant and Greg did not play any songs together. Segments in which Greg participated are described here.

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