Setlist: Bob Mould Band @ Wonder Ballroom, Portland OR, 11 May 2016

A Good Idea
The End Of Things
The Descent
I Don't Know You Anymore
You Say You
Voices In My Head
Hold On
If I Can't Change Your Mind
Hey Mr. Grey
Hoover Dam
Lucifer And God
Could You Be The One?*
I Apologize*
Daddy's Favorite
Black Confetti [extended version]
Come Around
Tomorrow Morning
Losing Time
Something I Learned Today
In A Free Land
Hardly Getting Over It
Celebrated Summer**
Divide And Conquer**

Love Is All Around
Makes No Sense At All
New Day Rising

Handwritten setlist: Wonder Ballroom, Portland OR, 11 May 2016
Image courtesy of Terry Thompson
Handwritten setlist

Bob Mould -- guitar, vocals
Jason Narducy -- bass, backing vocals
Jon Wurster -- drums

* There is some undertainty about where exactly these unplanned songs actually
fit into the set. They may have occurred a bit later than shown.

** Bob held off on the coda to "Celebrated Summer" and played it at the end
of "Divide And Conquer."

Thanks to Jason Narducy and Terry Thompson.

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