Setlist: Bob Mould Band, 1st Avenue, Minneapolis MN, 31 Jan 2015

Flip Your Wig
Hate Paper Doll
Star Machine
The Descent
I Don't Know You Anymore
Kid With Crooked Face
Nemeses are Laughing
The War
Hardly Getting Over It
If I Can't Change Your Mind
Hey Mr. Grey
Hoover Dam
Tomorrow Morning
Fix It
Come Around
Something I Learned Today
Chartered Trips
Real World
In A Free Land

Complicated Fun*
He's A Whore**

I Apologize
Celebrated Summer
New Day Rising

Bob Mould -- guitar, vocals
Jason Narducy -- bass, backing vocals
Jon Wurster -- drums
Chris Osgood -- guitar, vocals (guest on the two asterisked songs)

* Suicide Commandos cover with Chris Osgood
** Cheap Trick cover with Jason Narducy on lead vocals + Chris Osgood

Thanks to Jason Narducy.

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