Setlist: Bob Mould — Showbox, Seattle WA, 04 Mar 2000

[no setlist available]

Solo acoustic except (*) solo electric and (+) DAT backing tracks.

Thanks to Mark Weygandt, from whose website (now defunct) this information was retrieved, along with the informal show reviews and comments below, which were originally posted to the Sugar internet mailing list:


From: Punjab

Great show last night. Fantastic. I forgot my pen so unfortunately 
no set list. However, Mr. Mould played for about 70 minutes packed 
with old favorites and a couple of new ones. This was my eighth 
time experiencing greatness and once again, he surprised us all. 
Very similar to the experience I had back in '95 when he put up 
another mic and offered audience members to back him up (when 
his vocal chords went out at First Ave, Mpls). At about 50 minutes 
or so, he said, "Okay, from here on out is all new stuff." Cheers 
all around. He went right into "High Fidelity" (not quite brand 
new, but still...) After he finished HiFi, Bob fumbled around 
with something by his feet (I think you guys call it a sampler) 
but I couldn't see it. A weird distorted techno intro started 
and the crowd became silent. Everyone knew there was going to 
be a techno dance thingy after the show (that's why the show went on
early) so I thought maybe someone on the sound board was screwing 
with Bob's set. What the hell?!! Bob said, "I'm scared to name this 
next one," and the beat continued. Techno. Techno? At a Bob show? 
Yeah, he began strumming that 12-string like no other and added 
the vocals. I was in awe! Even that tweaker (who always has to
stand right in front of me and convulse beyond self control) stood 
with his jaws dropped. WHAT WAS GOING ON? After a minute or so, I 
found myself nodding with approval and accepting this new sound. 
I couldn't understand the lyrics but that's okay. Song names came 
to my mind like, "**** my Genre" or "Megamanic, Pt 2". These songs
were pretty loud compared to the ones earlier and those idiots who 
like to hold conversations during concerts finally shut up and 
listened. He played two more songs backed by his electric and this 
"box" then received enormous applause. I yelled (jokingly) "Dog on 
Fire" as a request, but alas, no dice. Some fruitcake yelled "Hey
Bob, what's with the wrestling," and received no satisfaction. He 
commented on the songs a little, "maybe they'll let me stay for the 
techno later on." After leaving for a few minutes he came back on 
for the encore and played "Too far down" and "If I can't change 
your mind." Between the two songs he thanked the crowd for coming 
out to the show and said, "Hopefully I'll finish these TWO records 
I'm working on, and I'll see you next year." Whoa, TWO records. I 
hope I heard him correctly. Oh boy. I'm salavating like Homer 
Simpson does over the forbidden donut. Regardless, I think we are 
all in for a huge surprise with his next opus. I think it would be 
safe to say that "Megamanic" had a little more impact for Bob, 
inspirationally and creatively, than you and I were led to believe.
With open arms, I welcome it. Good show. 


From: BART

Probably not qualified to do this but here goes. My concert going 
companion wanted an early start so we got in line at 6:45?, doors 
at 7:00. Some of the ShowBox's neighbors on 1st Ave are the Seattle 
Art Musem, a porno theater and the Pike Place Market. Everything 
kind of coexists. Not the oldest part of town (Pioneer Square) but
close. The nice fellow next to us in line said that he had just 
talked to Bob in the coffee shop around the corner, (Another person 
who has met Bob, what's wrong with me?). Bob said that he would be 
using the DAT machine for couple of songs. My mind raced, they have 
located the missing electric guitar? Hmm. Concert chitchat, he had
seen Bob in Vancouver, BC previously. The line moved foward. The 
ShowBox has a slightly divey look from the front. Inside it is 
real nice, kind of terraced. 2 bars. The opening act Mark? Greg? 
Olsen played the guitar well and was helped out by a girl who 
played the chello and violin. Very nice. Bob walked on stage and 
the crowd cheered. He was wearing a black T-shirt which gave a 
serious aspect to his appearance. Started right away with the 12
\string and proved that he was. Sounded great! No setlist here 
but I do remember New #1, Wishing Well, Brasillia crossed with 
Trenton and Too Far Down from the short encore, Hoover Dam etc. 
All songs ended with enthusisatic applause from the audience. 
Bob asked how the winter weather weather had been here so far (wet) 
and talked about the snow in NYC. 2/3 the way through the show he 
started the DAT, said I'm afraid to give this one a name,
played through the next few songs using the 12 string and the 
DAT. I liked it... He switched to the electric guitar, crowd cheers, 
DAT still going. New stuff. Bob indicated that he was hungry and was 
going to get somthing to eat. Short acoustic encore. End of show. 
Seeing Bob play live is comprable? to rush of using a 3D accelerator 
for the first time. I remember thinking at one point if PopEye 
were somehow magically brought alive with the ability to belt
out songs and play the 12 string guitar he probably would look alot 
like Bob does right now. Thanks.


From: RussVanRooy

I was at theShowbox Bob Show last night and I can't add anything too 
illuminating that the other two folks' previous posts hadn't already 
addressed - they were both right on. But I had a great time and the 
audience was very attentive. The techno that Bob is experimenting 
with seems to be accepted by his fans. I know I liked it. I
admire the man for doing something really new and experimental. Anyway, 
Right On Bob ! Thanks for coming back to Seattle. It's my second time 
to see you and I'll be in the audience next time !

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