Setlist: Bob Mould Band — Prime Club, Köln, Germany, 05 Nov 1998

Moving Trucks
Taking Everything
First Drag Of The Day
I Hate Alternative Rock
Stand Guard
Wanted Was
Art Crisis
New #1
Eternally Fried
Lonely Afrernoon
Reflecting Pool
Deep Karma Canyon

Hanging Tree

Bob Mould -- guitar, vocals
Jim Wilson -- bass, backing vocals
Matt Hammon -- drums

Thanks to Mark Weygandt, from whose website (now defunct) this information was retrieved, along with the informal show reviews and comments below, which were originally posted to the Sugar internet mailing list:


From: Jed Mosenfelder

I see no one posted yet about the show in Cologne, it's almost not worth
posting about because it was a really terrible show, whereas Brussels the
next night was excellent. But anyway...

I definitely had the sense that Bob was just going through the motions
during the  opening songs (Moving trucks/taking everything/ etc.).
Something was wrong. For one thing the venue was kind of a dive, dingy and
small and cramped, and the stage lights were right in his face. Anyway
about 4 or 5 songs in Bob stopped to introduce the band, and before he
could say anything some guy started heckling a request for "Diane", of all
things, several times, loud and obnoxious. 

So Bob says "Fucking Diane in your dreams", gives the audience a scornful
look and finishes introducing the band as 

"on bass, Jim Wilson, not from twenty years ago"

and then 

"on drums, Matt Hammon, not the guitarist from last week" 

which i thought was a pretty remarkable reference to the whole Michael
Cerveris thing (i'm not making this up, i distinctly remember him saying
this). The show went completely downhill from there, they moved though it
as fast as possible, had to really be coaxed out for the encore which was a
non-spirited "Hanging Tree", and then Bob said good night and closed the
curtain (!) on the audience. Overall i felt kind of embarrassed to be in
the audience that night. Luckily Bob got pretty psyched for Brussels the
next night and i thought it was an excellent show, even though he seemed a
lot more tense than he was in Frankfurt (well, not surprising, his last
electric show ever). Bob read my mind and played the two songs i wanted to
hear all week, Roll Over and Die and See a Little Light(*), and i left a
happy man! Looking forward to seeing the acoustic Bob sometime.

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