Setlist: Bob Mould Band — Showbox, Seattle WA, 16 Oct 1998

Moving Trucks
Taking Everything
First Drag Of The Day
I Hate Alternative Rock
Stand Guard
Fort Knox, King Solomon
Art Crisis
Anymore Time Between
[jam (16 Oct 1998)]
Eternally Fried
Lonely Afternoon
Reflecting Pool
Deep Karma Canyon

Hanging Tree

Man On The Moon
See A Little Light

Bob Mould -- guitar, vocals
Michael Cerveris -- rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Jim Wilson -- bass, backing vocals
Matt Hammon -- drums

Thanks to Mark Weygandt, from whose website (now defunct) this information was retrieved, along with the informal show reviews and comments below, which were originally posted to the Sugar internet mailing list:


From: Paul Hilcoff

Good one tonight.  Much livelier both on and off the stage.  It was Bob's
birthday, of course, and he has friends in Seattle; he was in a good mood.

One of several high points was the elaboration of the feedback interlude
between "Skintrade" and "Eternally Fried" into a full-fledged improvised
song/jam.  I and others thought it was some obscure cover, and were
embarrassed to admit not recognizing it...but it was, in fact, something
they cooked up, complete with vocals,  on the spur of the moment.  Jim
said after the show that it might be a sign of the future--an enigmatic
remark to say the least.

Have to point to yet another amazing "Hanging Tree" as a second
highlight:  Bob's finishing screams were as shattering as any he ever
uttered with Husker Du, and a worthy exclamation point for his last
ever loud electric show in the US.


From: Mark Scherer

Just got back from the show..AMAZING!!!!!!
Haven't seen Bob w/ electric band since 1990
(10/9/90 First Ave. Mpls w/ fIREHOSE).
God what I've been missing out on. I've been reading 
alot about the volume of previous shows, and was shocked
when my ears weren't ringing following the show.

They starting with Moving Trucks and never let up.
Most of the songs came from LDAPS and "the hubcap record"
Fine records I might add. I recall Hanging Tree(sort of 
a tribal version)and Stand Guard from Black Sheets.....
See A Little Light from Workbook was a highlight as was
Egoverride(Bob even found something to smile about during
this one). Deep Karma Canyon and Man on the Moon stood
out as well. I'm glad I didn't miss this tour.


From: Megan

So I'm in Seattle, see. I traveled here from New York for the show; I had 
seen the second show in New York, too, but I felt compelled to catch one 
more. I'm just logging on now to gush mindlessly. Last night's set was 
certainly worth the trip.

First: the antics. Bob became a little amused durning "Egoverride." I think 
everyone saw it, and it was good to see. Maybe whenever Bob's expression 
indicates that he's enjoying himself, it makes the a little warmer, a little 
less overwhelming. I mean, clearly, we're all down there having a good 
time... he should be too. Another slightly lighter moment: Bob swinging his 
arm around in a big, animated rock-star-strumming circle during "Man On The 
Moon." That was silly and beautiful.

Now I know why people have been mentioning how quiet the crowd becomes during 
"Anymore Time Between." In New York, it was noticable, but here, it was 

The most worth noting, though was probably "Hanging Tree." How do they make 
it sound like that? Nothing wrong with the album version, of course, but last 
night - oh my. The boys in the band played TIGHT. That wall of sound... and 
Bob's voice, that powerful wail. It just made my heart turn over. That was 
the one, I hafta say. I screamed so hard after that one that I got dizzy.


From: Mike H.

I'm not sure what to say here that would accurately describe how I feel - 
"Wow", "Unbelievable", "Incredible" , and "Otherworldly" all come to mind but 
still don't do this feeling justice. Maybe after the Vancouver Show I will 
have thought of something more profound or poetic to say! 

I got to meet Bob and got his autograph, said hi to Michael, talked to John 
Parker (Varnaline's bassist), made a song request for "Gary's Paranoia" fron 
MAN OF SIN (They even played it! First time in a long time they said), 
listened to "Deep Karma Canyon" and "Skintrade" Soundcheck from the lobby 
area before being booted by an employee, and was against the stage between 
Matt and Bob for the entire show. I could even read the setlist at Bob's 
feet (upside down no less)! Also got to meet several listers and introdued 
myself to Paul Hilcoff. Cool!

My only beef at all was the venue kinda rushed things as this was an early 
show - so Varnaline played a short set and Bob left out "Disappointed" from 
the first encore due to time constraints. More from Vancouver tomorrow --
setlist and comments follow:

Moving Trucks - get's the show moving!
Taking Everything - but nothing for granted!
First Drag Of The Day - Great live version / minus samples-add grove!
I Hate Alternative Rock - Mach 10!

Stand Guard - Very powerful riff - always killer
Fort Knox, King Solomon -2 of my fave Bob tunes well done
Art Crisis -- Wow. Fast and tight. Remember Bob turning volume knob all the 
way off to sing then cranking it up -- great
effect! Mach 20 - slow down 'fore we blow!!!

Anymore Time Between - Everyone around me sang until things got quiet - great 
dynamic vocal 
Skintrade - excellent, followed by exteded jam leading into>
Eternally Fried - even more emotional than studio version

Lonely Afternoon - I've always liked this one -even better live
EgOverride - Bob smiled, laughed and missed a line or two when a group of us 
up front yelled "This is Bullshit!" on cue 
Reflecting Pool - another killer ldaps tune 
Deep Karma Canyon - superb rendition, great lyrics

Hanging Tree - This was the ONE - HOLY SHIT!- I will never forget the look in 
Bob's Eyes - I will never forget the last
sequence of power chords - I was so close to his speaker cabinet my whole 
body vibrated with each strum! This song alone
was worth the price of admission! He leaned his guitar against his amp as 
they walked off stage - Squalling feedback>

Man On The Moon - "just a spoonful of SUGAR..." you know the tune.....
See A Little Light - always have an upbeat closer --gotta have hope -- and 
just for the record -- I would NEVER say so! 


From: HipPriest

The Showbox is kind of a dump. It's funny, because in Seattle, I picked 
up a free magazine put out by "visionary" (that's what his own magazine
calls him) Paul Allen's Experience Foundation. It had a sunny interview 
with the manager/owner of the Showbox, calling it one of Seattle's best 
clubs. Huh.

Well, it's the music that counts, so let's get to it: Varnaline sucked. 
Grant Lee Buffalo without the pretension or passion. Sure, their songs 
are kind of pleasant, and they look like they're probably nice guys, 
but when the singer said, "This is a shortened set tonight," I thanked 
the God of Late Start Times. 

Is it just me, or does Bob have a tendency to pick opening acts that are 
kind of sub-par? I don't mind if he chooses groups that play music 
different from his own, but when they're so obviously inferior. . . and 
unexciting. Unlike Sonic Youth, say, who have a history of choosing 
bands that are inferior, but interesting. There are exceptions to these 
rules, of course. Can't knock an opening act like Mark Eitzel or Vic 
Chesnutt. But generally speaking. . . Aw, hell, it's all a matter of 
taste, anyway.

One of the things I got out of Bob's set was a greater appreciation for 
the Hubcap songs. Until now, I've felt it to be his weakest effort. 
Maybe I should reconsider it. Like he says, get past the drums, and 
appreciate the brilliant songs. And "Classifieds" - I realized what a 
great song that is (even though, on paper, the lyrics are horrendous). 
It rocked like a lost Copper Blue out-take.

Being a nostalgic old fuck, I most enjoyed the old songs. "Stand Guard" 
and "Lonely Afternoon" were true pleasures. I went to bed hearing "Man 
in the Moon," and woke up hearing "See a Little Light." In the words of 
Tom Cruise, you know that can't be a bad thing.

I think Bob assembled a pretty decent band. It all came together better 
than I expected. But a pall was cast over the whole evening by my 
consternation over the pronounciation of Bob's last name. That day I 
heard it twice pronounced differently on radio promos. Have I been 
getting it wrong all these years? Apparently now, everyone's saying 
"Moooled" (sorta) or "Mewled" (almost), instead of plain old "Mold" 
(you know, like in the Replacements' song, "Something to Du"). Would a 
true Bobhead laugh at me if I mispronounced His surname, in the same way 
Fugazi fans beat the shit out of anyone who refers to Ian "Mc Kay." I'm 
not sure I even want to know if I've been doing it wrong for 13 years. 
It's like, "Guess what? He's gay, too!" "No way! Since when? Why didn't 
anyone tell me?" "Check it out, man: Flip Your Wig is dedicated to two 
women and one man." "Wow. I always figured that was their management 

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