Setlist: Bob Mould Band — La Luna, Portland OR, 15 Oct 1998

Moving Trucks
Taking Everything
First Drag Of The Day
I Hate Alternative Rock
Stand Guard
Wanted Was
Art Crisis
Fort Knox, King Solomon
Hear Me Calling
New #1
Lonely Afternoon
Reflecting Pool
Deep Karma Canyon

Hanging Tree

Man On The Moon
See A Little Light

Bob Mould -- guitar, vocals
Michael Cerveris -- rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Jim Wilson -- bass, backing vocals
Matt Hammon -- drums

Thanks to Mark Weygandt, from whose website (now defunct) this information was retrieved, along with the informal show reviews and comments below, which were originally posted to the Sugar internet mailing list:


From: Paul Hilcoff

I could only see the first few rows of tonight's La Luna audience, and
I gather that most of the action took place farther back, because the
folks up front were about as animated as a field of stones.  I was
beginning to wonder who put the thorazine in the Portland 7up supply.


From: Craig Giffen

First off, I didn't have a pen with me so I couldn't scrawl down the
setlist.  The setlist was pretty standard as far as I can tell.  Hear Me
Calling and Fort Knox were both played.  Man on the Moon popped up during
the third encore, with See a Little Light closing out the show.  I'm hoping
brother Paul can bail me out in the setlist department.  I also got to meet
the creator of those excellent HD & related discographies, Paul Hilcoff.
Doh! I forgot to get a granary music sticker.  Speaking of which, is the
"" banner below the drum riser new?  I haven't seen it
mentioned before.

Anyway, it was a great show.  New #1 was different than I expected.  Bob
almost did a "Talk Singing Version" worthy of an early Dylan record.  Gone
were the long drawn vocals that I love in that song, i.e. Goooooooeeesssss
Arounnnndd.  I still love the song anyway.  Bobs eyes during (I think) New
#1 were terrifying!!!  He had this stare and this thing he did with his
eyes that scared the hell out of me, it was cool.

Speaking of cool, maybe when Bob quits touring he can start a school for
musicians who need greater flair when communitcating with the soundboard
operator.  During "Moving Trucks" Bob spanked the top of his mic and sent
his hand into a dive.  A few seconds later he did a karate chop to indicate
the vocal level was good.  I don't know why I brought this up, but then
again, I love Bob & Grant's soundchecking at the start of TLE and the
8/28/85 tape.

The crowd was pretty cool, people bobbing around.  (bum ding!)  During
"Disappointed" a few guys started moshing because they felt the manly
desire to mosh.  One guy crowd surfed who was wearing clothes worthy of a
bank teller.  At some point I saw an area nobody standing, then realized
there were a few guys on the ground kicking the crap out of each other.  I
don't know what the story was, because the scuffle soon ended without any

Bob didn't talk much, just introduced the band and introduced himself as
Sally Struthers. (sp?) All in all, it was nice to see Bob electric.


From: Jeff W.

Just got back from his Portland show at La Luna and my ears are ringing in 
that wonderful way that only Bob can make them ring. I suspect I'll get my 
hearing back in a few days, though this show wasn't quite as loud as previous 
efforts I've seen, but what a great way to lose it. He was, quite simply, full 
on incredible tonight. Came on stage with a little wave and proceeded to slam 
4 straight songs before stopping for about 30 seconds, grabbing a drink, and 
jamming through the rest of the set. Personal faves tonight were Skintrade, 
Deep Karma Canyon, Moving Trucks (which he opened with), Wanted Was, 
Egoveride, and See a Little Light (which closed the final encore). I was 
lucky enough to be about 3 people back from the front of the stage, right in 
front of Bob, so his guitar came though loud and clear and, jesus, he was on 
tonight. I've never heard him play this much straight lead at a show and he 
kicked. The rest of the band was great, although from my vantage point, I 
didn't hear the rhythm guitarist much. I was too close to the stage to get 
the complete sound mix, but Bob's guitar, the bass and drums came through 
loud and clear. Vocals got a bit lost up front, but I heard enough to fake 
the rest. If this truly is the last time we get to see him tour with this 
straight band format, then at least he ended it with a bang. Great show.


From: Jeff Shinn

After seeing Sugar and Bob solo twice in Portland over the last five years, 
I've gotta say this was Bob's most passionate, intense performance! Yes, it 
took the relatively mellow Portland fans to get into things, but by show's 
end, things were jumping! I aggree, Bob's lead work was great. His water-
spray near shows end and the ever-sweat-soaked t-shirt attest to the playful,
but intense Mr. Mould on his last (I hope not) electric band appearance in 
Portland. A GREAT SHOW!


From: Mike Duncan

I have to say, if this is the last time we get to
see Bob in full amplified glory, I have NO regrets.
High points, in my opinion - dissapointed, deep karma
canyon, and stand guard. Of course, See A Little Light
is a very appropriate way to end. I felt regret 
when I considered this may actually be the last
dog and pony show, but completely satisfied with 
the show itself. Having seen Bob acoustically in 
Detroit several years ago, I can only hope that I
have that chance again. Not as loud, twice as personal,
equally good. 


From: prodgerd

I'll leave the full set-list and review to Mr Hilcoff, but let me say 
that this was one of the more experimental shows of the seven I've seen 
so far. 'Moving Trucks' had an almost folky feel to it, and "New #1" 
had something to it that I wouldn'tknow how to describe. Maybe it too 
was a little folky. Rather than the pounding downstroke of the guitar, 
it was more of a relaxed strum.

It really seemed like Bob as the leader more than any other show. And
if ever there was a night to video, tonight would have been it. Bob's 
solos were all over the place, and he was so animanted.

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