Setlist: Bob Mould Band — The Fillmore, San Francisco CA, 13 Oct 1998

Moving Trucks
Taking Everything
First Drag Of The Day
I Hate Alternative Rock
Hear Me Calling
Stand Guard
Wanted Was
Art Crisis
Anymore Time Between
Eternally Fried
Roll Over And Die
Lonely Afternoon
Reflecting Pool
Deep Karma Canyon

Man On The Moon
Hanging Tree

See A Little Light

Bob Mould -- guitar, vocals
Michael Cerveris -- rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Jim Wilson -- bass, backing vocals
Matt Hammon -- drums

Thanks to Mark Weygandt, from whose website (now defunct) this information was retrieved, along with the informal show reviews and comments below, which were originally posted to the Sugar internet mailing list:


From: Paul Hilcoff

The Fillmore really is the shit.  All that illustrious rock history. Walls
plastered with classic posters dating back to the Summer of Love.  And the
place is beautifully maintained too.  Quite a thrill just to be there.  It
certainly brought out the best in Bob and the band: this was one of the better 
ones. Bob even worked "Hear Me Calling" into the setlist to fulfill the 
request of win-a-trip-to-see-Bob contest winner Matt Soell.  I wish I had 
more time to elaborate (or gush) on the show, the places we've visited in 
recent days (I'm still reeling from the spectacular Utah landscape), but we 
have to get going to Portland.


From: Gerard Lim

Bob's Last Dog and Pony Tour made its San Francisco pitstop last night,
and I'm sure most people were blown away. The Fillmore's pristine
acoustics and quaint decor are rather conducive to Bob's heart-tugging
noise vignettes. The chandeliers and disco ball played key roles in the
overall production. The gut-spillers ("Anymore Time Between" and
"Hanging Tree") really stood out, and I' was really glad the crowd was
intelligent enough to keep its collective traps shut during Bob's
pensive moments, especially in light of the recent thread on talking
during shows.

Coolest highlight of the evening: So much for the moratorium on Sugar
material. If I'm not mistaken, the band did the first Sugar song of the
tour for a rather appreciative audience. For their first encore, the
band pulled out "Man on the Moon" from the vault. Michael Cerveris got
to play Dave Barbe and he shared vocal chores with Bob. It was clearly
evident they were having just way too much fun during the song, smiling
and laughing practically all the way through. However, I got the sense
they'll never perform a Husker cut during the tour.

The band sounds really tight. Jim Wilson and Matt Hammon, along with
Cerveris, do yeoman's work. With his "Tommy" pedigree, Cerveris is quite
the vocalist, almost too polished. It blended well with Bob's
all-too-familiar but joyously hoarse voice.

A rockin' time was had by all. "It's the man on the moon, saying
goodnight to you" ...


From: lawatt

...Also interesting to note that when the band played "Man on the Moon" at
soundcheck in SF, Bob did not sing at all, only Michael did the whole
thing.  And did a good job, too!  Still, I was happy to see Bob step up to
the mic during the encore.


From: T Evans

What a great show...I knew it was going to be good when Bob smiled during the 
first song, that doesn't usually happen until later in the set if it's going 
well. Highlights were: Micheal's Townsend-esque jumps, Bob spitting his 
bottled water half way through, the monster solo on "Lonely Afternoon", 
Micheal's vocals on "MOTM" and "ATB", Matt keeping pace on a version of 
"Art Crisis" that was easily twice as fast as the recorded version, the 
general volume (I conferred with other sugar-ites, definitely louder than 
FU:EL and Beaster Tours), the inspired pshcyadelia of "Eternally Fried" 
(no doubt influenced by the venue), and last, but not least, THE MOSHERS! 
Who would have thought that a bunch of 20-somehtings would let their 
collective hair down and go for it during "Ego Override". To Bob et al., 
thanks for an amazing night and I look forward to Seattle.


From: Ellen Gould

okay, here it goes:


1. moving trucks (my favorite from the new cd)
2. track #3 of "last dog & pony show" - "...taking everything away..."
3. 1st drag of the day
4. [forgive me - i wrote these notes by the light of a candle in the balcony 
& would get too excited/confused to write the actual song TITLE so this one 
is a mystery as to its name] "...something to say..."
5. [again, tough one. the bassist said after the show that everyone was off a 
bit on this one & frankly, it did sound more like a jam session. but it was 
excellent nonetheless.] "...can't seem to get you off my mind..." "...i've 
got my guitar..."
6. classifieds

***it was here that i took note of bob's appearance & jotted it down. 
guitar:fender, color: "lake placid blue" (he told me the name of the color 
after the show); wardrobe: gray button-front tee; baggy blue jeans; shaved 
head! (well, maybe 1/2"). summation - typical bob! he looked really happy & 
well. even a little thinner, i think. much cuter than i expected. hope some 
guys out there got as good of a look as i did. it's too bad that he's gay 
'cuz i'd dump my boyfriend for him anyday. and my boyfriend knows it!***

7. [perhaps b/c i was too busy noting bob's appearance, i recognized this 
song, wrote positive notes on it, yet didn't write the name] "...don't need a 
master plan..." "...bring me down..."
8. [i know this one, too, but am unsure of the title] "nothing i can do 
about it...screw it i don't care about it"
9. ***he speaks! he introduces the band...
michael on guitar/backing vocals [cutie, really nice, sang the first verse of 
one of the songs later in the set & i joked with him about it after the show]
jim wilson on bass/backing vocals [totally hot & nice, invited me to the 
portland show (said he'd get me on the list) but i doubt my boss would've 
gone for it. had a beautiful bass that was made in 1970! wouldn't give up 
his lammie, tho. rats!]
matt on drums [didn't talk to this guy (as far as i know) but he was an 
excellent musician, as they all were. bob can sure pick 'em!]***

then they play "time between" which is my all-time favorite song & i bawled 
like a big baby! it was so beautiful and sad. but then bob had the sense to 
seg into...
10. skin trade! [rocked really hard & i laughed & laughed. this show was so 
much fun i still smile when i think about it. even today, saturday, i feel 
like i'm still there.]
11. [doesn't sound like sugar, i think it's from one of his 4 discs. 
beautiful star-like lights behind him...i know this song!] "...i'm so 
tired..." "...tell you everything..."
12. "'s over and done, the whole thing..." [awesome!]
13. "...silence in this house, it echoes in this house..." i think it's on 
14. ego override [rocked!]
15. "...something happens way to soon..." [sounded really familiar and, of 
course, rocked!]
16. deep karma canyon [yea! i love this one]

***brief interlude - he was off-stage for only a few minutes***

17. guitarist starts singing 1st verse of "man in the moon" [freaked me out 
at first 'cuz i was looking at bob & his mouth wasn't moving. later, after 
the show, i asked what was up w/ that & guitar boy said they have an 
agreement that whoever reaches the mike 1st gets to sing 1st. bob laughed a 
lot about my inquiry. guitar boys sings a LOT like bob.]
18. hanging tree [this inspired me to re-claim my fender from my little 
cousin who hasn't tried learning. i'm giving it another shot! anyone know of 
CHEAP guitar lessons? i'll trade for beautiful, mould-inspired mix tapes! 
or free msword lessons!]
19. see a little light [this sucked b/c i had to rush out of the fillmore to 
get my free poster. once outside, i heard him start "see a little light" and 
almost died. i'm serious. the woman out front would NOT let me back in! so i 
stood out front, struggling to hear it. this is also one of my favorite tunes 
(what am i saying, i love them ALL!]

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