Setlist: Bob Mould Band — The Palace, Los Angeles CA, 12 Oct 1998

Moving Trucks
Taking Everything
First Drag Of The Day
I Hate Alternative Rock
Stand Guard
Wanted Was
Art Crisis
New #1
Eternally Fried
Roll Over And Die
Lonely Afternoon
Reflecting Pool
Deep Karma Canyon

Man On The Moon
Hanging Tree

See A Little Light

Bob Mould -- guitar, vocals
Michael Cerveris -- rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Jim Wilson -- bass, backing vocals
Matt Hammon -- drums

Thanks to Mark Weygandt, from whose website (now defunct) this information was retrieved, along with the informal show reviews and comments below, which were originally posted to the Sugar internet mailing list:


From: Paul Hilcoff

The Palace show was solid.  Bob always seems to have low expectations
in LA, regarding it as a necessary evil, but the venue was cool, the audience
appreciative, and the songs well played.  No demons came forth.


From: Terry T.

The show was great!  It was the first (and last) time I've ever seen Bob
electric, and it's nothing I will soon forget.  I've tried not to pay too close
attention the the setlists posted here so there would be some kind of mystery to
the show.  I knew the first three songs, but after that was pure mystery.  Every
song was 10 times better than the LP versions, but Skintrade was awesome; the
amps were well abused in the feedback that followed.  Bob dropped a pick about 30
seconds into Ego, yet seemed to ploy off it well.  He was nothing but smiles all
night, especially during the pickless Ego.  He was running and jumping around
during just about every song, giving a very light feel to the show.
My personal fav of the night was Reflecting Pool.  That song was totally awesome!

And now I know what's so special about Hanging Tree :-)

After the show me and robert C. waited around for Bob for about a half an hour
with the other dozen or so people.  Bob eventually emerged, and we all chatted
for 15 minutes.  I couldn't really say much other than "Hi Bob" for the first few
minutes, still in awe that I was talking to Bob Mould again.  I eventually asked
him if the flashes from the audience bugged him.  I had planned on shooting a
roll of 36 during the show but I didn't.  I was prett close to Bob and he had his
EYES OPEN during much of the show.  Is this a new thing to this tour or
something?  I didn't want to blind him so I only got off a few shots without a
flash.  Hopefully they'll turn out.

Before the show was interesting too.  I met up with a lister from Chicago who
flew all the way out to LA to see Bob.  Now that's what I call dedication.  But I
guess that wasn't much compared to the 3 Australians who made it to LA and then
were going to follow Bob up the west coast.


From: Dave Jones

10/12: Mould in Los Angeles. Aaah, it's too bad that the Palace has such 
notoriously shitty sound--in general I try to avoid the place but for Bob, 
anything. And the man did not let us down. What a varied and surprising set. 
Some nice inclusions of past stuff--Lonely Afternoon and See a Little Light 
from Workbook, and Hanging Tree and Stand Guard from Black Sheets. As well as 
great choices from the last album and Ego Overdrive single. Wanted Was was my 
favorite of the night. Beautiful version of Man on the Moon. Too much fooling 
around with melody on Skin Trade though. Mould and the boys rocked heavily for
an hour and a half. Great show but bad sound. 


From: Bill

I have to admit I was completely blown away by monday evening. This is without 
a doubt one of the best minds in rock today and now he's packing it in. Ive 
seen him with Sugar 3 times and I feel that was when he was at his best. 
Monday seemed like he was not into the show at all until about halfway into 
the set. I appreciated as I always have that he did'nt waste our time by doing 
alot of talking in between songs and just playing a whole bunch of great songs 
especially "man on the moon" and all the great songs from the hubcap album 
"roll over and die tonight" was incredible and to hear those songs with a full 
band was intense to say the least.

I will say though even though I feel it was'nt his best show it blows away 
most of the big money shows I ever see. Bob and all youi who typed in about 
he show I feel that this is proof that Bob on his worst night blows away any 
band on their best. I willalways be a fan of Bob Mould no matter what type of 
music he's playing whether it be acoustic or electric and will continue being 
one of your biggest fans in California and will continue to preach the word of 
Husker Du, Sugar and of course Bob. See you next time you play Cal.


From: Brian

I was pleasently surprised. I'd seen Bob many times, through all the various 
incarnations, but I just moved to LA from Detroit and was a little worried 
that Bob would not give an LA crowd his all. Of course he did. Bob seemed to 
really enjoy himself and gave up a great set. Even the crowd, while kinda 
lame compaired to a midwest or NYC crowd, was not too bad. I'm sure Paul will 
post the setlist, so I won't bother, but hghlights for me included "Hanging 
Tree", "Lonely Afternoon" and hearing all of the "Hubcap" songs with a full 

For me, It's the end of an era. All of my heros are gone. Rollins is a 
storyteller, REM is not REM, Westerberg and Pirner are busy trying to put out 
the best Tom Petty records they can, and now Bob has stopped touring. It's 
over, I'm officially old.


From: Andy Chase

Tell me about it... my ears are still ringing because I had to take my 
earplugs out to be able to hear any high end at all! But what a fantastic 
show, and what a great bunch of fans! With the exception of the one drunken 
bozo front and center waving his arms around, everyone in the theater was 
just standing (or bouncing) in place, enthralled by the performance. I was 
able to maintain my spot right in the front without having to worry about 
getting kicked in the head by some idiot crowd surfing, moshing, etc.. And 
numbers like "I hate alternative rock" and "Deep Karma Canyon" were certainly 
savage enough to get a pit going among a less intelligent crowd. Thanks for 
an enjoyable atmosphere, everyone in L.A., and thanks for an unforgettable 
performance, Bob et al! 


From: Robbie

The Palace show was definitely great. The band was tighter than most "big 
name acts" I have seen. Bob wasn't lying when we started the show saying the 
crowd was loud but they were louder. I'm sure I've killed a lot of my hearing 
over the years and I was covering my ears during the feedback fest.

It is sad that this is probably the last time he will tour like this. I never 
understood why Bob was never more popular. 

I also want to mention it was one of the best crowds I've seen at a show in a
long time. Everyone was there to enjoy the music. No attitude.

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