Setlist: Bob Mould Band — Ranch Bowl, Omaha NE, 07 Oct 1998

Moving Trucks
Taking Everything
First Drag Of The Day
I Hate Alternative Rock
Stand Guard
Fort Knox, King Solomon
Art Crisis
New #1
Eternally Fried
Roll Over And Die
Lonely Afternoon
Reflecting Pool
Deep Karma Canyon

Hanging Tree

Bob Mould -- guitar, vocals
Michael Cerveris -- rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Jim Wilson -- bass, backing vocals
Matt Hammon -- drums

Thanks to Mark Weygandt, from whose website (now defunct) this information was retrieved, along with the informal show reviews and comments below, which were originally posted to the Sugar internet mailing list:


From: Al Hoss

The turning point was Eternally Fried.  Up to that point, it was classic
Mould.  He probably changed a few lives with the live take of New #1.  But
when Eternally Fried came around...

The inattentiveness (and talkativeness) of the crowd was just too much, I
guess.  Roll Over and Die followed, so flat and emotionless that it was
either transcendent or hilarious.  My scales tip to the latter.  If you
think I'm kidding: 'Some days I can barely talk/ But you didn't realize/ I
close my mouth for you'.  That's one facet of the performer/audience
relationship: you can only give as good as you get.

Still, an incredible show.  First Drag of the Day, IHAR and New #1 were
each worth the admission.


From: Paul Hilcoff

I'll disagree slightly with Al Hoss and offer my opinion that the high point
of the show was the very last song--the slowest ever "Hanging Tree," driving
and dirgelike.  Aside from that, the show was briskly paced.  Bob, among
others, seemed to find the vibe of the Ranch Bowl a little weird (perhaps
spooked by tales of fistfights breaking out there during performances by
such aggressive hardcore acts as Lisa Loeb), but the crowd was well
behaved despite being crammed skin-to-skin.  After the show, Bob, Jim and
Michael joined Varnaline at the lanes down the hall from the performance
space. Bob has a very unconventional style--sort of the Mel Ott of bowling--
but is, as has been reported on many prior occasions, an excellent bowler.
A strange but fun night.  Drive day tomorrow to Denver.

From: vandebergt

First of all, I agree with whoever commented about the crowd. It was definitely
wierd and I think that it affected the overall feel of the show, definitely 
from my perspective, and I think from Bob's too.


1. Stand Guard- This song never did it for me on BSOR, but the band completely
        blew me away with it last night. Big heavy, head-bobbing chords!
2. New #1- I've always loved this song, from acoustic to album to band versions
        but it seemed especially good last night.
3. Eternally Fried- The feedback and haunting vocals were amazing!!!
4. Lonely Afternoon- Nothing particularly special about this version, but I've
        always loved the song and it was great to hear it last night.
5. Hanging Tree- WOW!!! Paul commented that it was the slowest version yet on 
        the tour, and it made all the difference. I thought that the version
        played at the first Mlps. show was great, but this one was even better.
        I can still hear it if I close my eyes and concentrate. :)
6. I actually met Bob!!! As it was a three hour drive home last night, my 
        friend and I decided not to wait around for him after the show, and 
        went to our car. However, another friend we brought to visit her friend
        at Crieghton was 20 minutes late to meet us in the Ranch Bowl parking
        lot, so consequently we were the last ones there. At about midnight ot
        so the band and Bob came out. He signed my ticket and we chatted about
        the show and how the band sounds more tight now than at the beginning 
        of the tour before he thanked us for coming and left. He was nothing
        but friendly to us, and I really appreciated the opportunity to meet
        and talk with him. Paul- if you are out there, I would be grateful if
        you would pass my thanks along to him. Thanks!


From: marcia

You all know what a hell of a performer he is. I went to that show after not 
seeing him for 4 years. I saw him acoustically twice and met him after those 
shows. Then I saw Sugar, mesmerizing as well, and met the band and hung out 
after the show.  Sadly, this last gig in Omaha makes me even more embarassed 
to be a Nebraskan than I already am. This musician puts more energy and fire 
into his live performance than almost anyone I have ever seen. The fact that 
the crowd was filled to the core with complete morons and assholes with no 
respect just floored me. Poor Bob looked the most miserable I have seen him 
at a show and I thought he would walk off the stage. I was disappointed that 
I didn't get to see him again to chat, but I will always believe that he is 
one of the most down to earth musicians I have ever met. I sure hope he comes 
back, because in a way I feel cheated of the true spirit within him that 
shines through in his performance. It wasn't fair to those of us that adore 
him and it certainly wasn't fair to him. Kudos to Bob for being Bob. 


From: Andrew L. McClung

This show seemed slow and loveless In comparison to the show 
in Chicago @ the Riviera on Sept 19. It wasn't the band 
mind you. It was the crowd. The crowd in Chicago seemed full 
of love andrespect for Bob and the band. It was this love that 
made moments such as the transition between Skintrade and 
Eternally Fried a overwhelming spiritual experence. Whereas
here in Omaha, said moments were destroyed and cheapened
by drunken idoits yelling "Bob!!" random whistles and requests
for songs. Needless to say, the crowd didn't deserve the
first encore, and I'm glad the band didn't do a second one.
Though I probably would have killed to hear "Man on the Moon"
Live with the LDAPS band.


From: Aaron Sumner

Omaha: Not to short Omaha residents or fans of the Ranch Bowl, but I
didn't really enjoy myself at this show. I think it started with the
drive--I-29 between KC and Omaha has to be the most desolate highway
in Missouri. If Paul was going to see any tumbleweeds in the midwest,
they probably would've blown across that stretch of road. I was also
rather let down by the Ranch Bowl (I may have built it up in my head
about hearing how cool it was that bands played in a bowling alley). That
place is way too small to be hosting shows like that. Are crowds like that
standard for the Ranch Bowl? About two minutes into Varnaline's set I
started feeling really claustrophic and ready to get out of the place--and
if I hadn't driven three hours to get there, I might have.

Highlight: heading around to the bowling alley after the show and seeing
Varnaline at one of the lanes. It just struck me as funny.

Lowlight (in addition to the other stuff I mentioned): $2.75 for a cup of

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