Setlist: Bob Mould Band — Riviera Theatre, Chicago IL, 17 Sep 1998

Moving Trucks
Taking Everything
First Drag Of The Day
I Hate Alternative Rock
Fort Knox, King Solomon
Wanted Was
Art Crisis
Anymore Time Between
Eternally Fried
Brasilia Crossed With Trenton
Roll Over And Die
Lonely Afternoon
Reflecting Pool
Deep Karma Canyon

New #1
Who Was Around?

Hanging Tree

See A Little Light

Bob Mould -- guitar, vocals
Michael Cerveris -- rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Jim Wilson -- bass, backing vocals
Matt Hammon -- drums

Thanks to Mark Weygandt, from whose website (now defunct) this information was retrieved, along with the informal show reviews and comments below, which were originally posted to the Sugar internet mailing list:


From: Violet9898

All I can say is...WOW. My first Bob show, and I was far from disappointed.
Absolutely incredible! He had such incredible energy, its hard to imagine he's
ready to give up the electric gigs. I have a new appreciation for Skintrade
after hearing it live. And I was afraid he wasn't going to do New #1, because
I saw in most of the other shows he played it about halfway through. But
luckily for me, that was his first encore...absolutely incredible live.
Actually, he came back for three...count 'em...THREE encores! I don't have the
setlist (or the energy to type it) but I'm sure someone else will post it
(don't want to be too greedy and tell ya EVERYTHING! ;-) ). And what excited
me the most? Very last song...See A Little Light. I'm still reeling. 

By the way, to anyone else who attended the show:  Did that sign say "Hey
Billy Corigan?" I wasn't sure if I was reading it right. Any info?


From: Ken Schuller

Just watched the Webcast of the Riviera show tonight- if I was excited about
seeing Bob in Atlanta before, suffice to say I'm gobs more excited now!

Nice, long setlist-  nice, long show for that matter.  Bob seems to be
having a great time onstage, and his voice has never sounded better.

Highlights (at least in my eyes) include an amazing job on "Anymore Time
Between", "Brasilia Crossed with Trenton" (it has a LOT more life to it live
than on the studio version), and "Hanging Tree" (an old favorite of mine

I don't know how Bob did it after putting all the energy into "Hanging
Tree", but he absolutely ripped through "Disappointed".

For what it's worth, and if my sentiments can get passed on to Bob through
Paul or some of the other listers that are close to Bob, it was really,
really cool of him to offer a Webcast of this show.   Although I've been a
fan for close to 15 years, I've never had the opportunity to see Bob live,
and I have yet to find video of Bob in any of his bands.  (Trust me, if
there's video out there, and a lister can point me in the right direction,
I'll buy it!)  So, even though this was streaming video, and more like a
slideshow (at least over the modem in my laptop- I'm on the road right now)
than "true" video, it at least gave me an inkling of what a Bob Mould show
is all about.  I'm grateful for that.

I'm looking forward to Atlanta on the 3rd of October, and hoping I can
figure out a way to get a birthday card and a letter to Bob at the show
(he's 8 years and two days older than me- now that I know that, I'll make
sure he gets a card from now on! ).  Any suggestions from people who have
met him at a show (better before or after, go backstage or wait out front,
that sort of thing) are appreciated.  If I'm better off sending a card to
his attention care of the Variety or something like that, I can certainly do


From: C. Comerford

A couple of thoughts:

1) Whoever said the bass was too loud was right.  Also, Michael and Jim's
microphones had no power in the mix, so I could barely hear backing vocals
on songs like "Wanted Was", and I was right up front.

2) Bob sure looked like he was having fun, wasn't he?

3) Highlights:  "Reflecting Pool" -- played a little faster, it really
rocks; "Brasilia", "Hanging Tree", and meeting Paul Hilcoff while he
handed out stickers for, which now adorns my guitar case.

I was amazed that he came out again after "Hanging Tree", 'cause it looked
like he was emotionally drained.  Also, when "See a Little Light" was
done, and he was onstage by himself with the crowd in full roar, the look
on his face was priceless.


From: Dave Richeson

Last night was a fun show.  I got back to Michigan at 4AM and had to teach 
calc at 8AM.  It was worth it but I'm sleeeeepy.

Best songs of the night:
Eternally Fried
Hanging tree
Wanted Was
New #1
Skintrade (love that song!)

Didn't do it for me:
Egoveride - needs the synth sound
Deep Karma Canyon - should have held back a little

>By the way, to anyone else who attended the show:  Did that sign say "Hey
>Billy Corigan?" I wasn't sure if I was reading it right. Any info?

It said "NOT Billy Corgan" - Michael does look like a tiny version of the big 
bald guy.

Bob also flashed a sign when he walke out - "63 Sammy" or somthing like that.  
Way to get the Chicagoans on his side!!


From: GLiestman

    There I was in Milwaukee on Tuesday night, absolutely blown away by Bob
and the LDAPS band. I thought to myself that nothing could be better than what
I had just witnessed. Hanging Tree was a stunner. Anymore Time Between was a
great surprise. The solo on Skintrade absolutely smoked. But yet, there I was
again in Chicago after the show on Thursday night, and dammit if Bob didn't do
it again. He raised the ante and put on what I consider to be the perfect
ending to my personal loud Bob history. Yes I saw Husker Du, twice. I saw
Sugar. And last night in Chicago, was the end. And what an end it was.

    I could go on and on with superlatives about the show. You've already seen
the incredible setlist. But unless you were there, you have no idea the sheer
force that Bob brought to the stage. He started out jumping all over the
place, looking clearly happy to be on stage with a loud, and I do mean loud
band. But then with Anymore Time Between, which again was a highlight, the
feeling of the show started to change a bit. Bob got that look on his face.
You know the look. The look where he is so into the moment. It doesn't matter
that there were 1000 some people in the audience. He was in a zone. It
continued as he launched into a relatively low key Brasillia. At least it
started out low key. By the end of the song he was screaming. My jaw was
absolutely dropping. And during that moment, I said to myself, "There is no
place on earth that I'd rather be." New #1 was a great way to start out the
first encore. And if I thought that Hanging Tree was intense in Milwaukee, it
couldn't compare to Thursday's rendition. He again took the mic off the stand
at the end of the song. And he bent over and started wailing and screaming
over and over again as the guitar continued to feed back. Wow. What a moment.
As Bob was leaving the stage, you could tell he was trying to collect himself
after a mind blowing performance. I thought he was done. But he managed to
collect himself and rip though Disappointed and See A Little Light. Perfect
ending. Just perfect. This show goes in the scrapbook. Thanks again Bob for
making my ears ring loudly, one last time.


From: Bartholomew Cubbins

Hey, it seemed like Bob was about to start talking at the very end of the
show in Chicago, but people were just going too apeshit, so he cut himself
short.  Anyone notice this?  He seemed pretty emotional at that point, and
probably just wanted to say that it's been a blast.  No, I don't know what
he was going to say, I'm talking out of my ass.  Anyway, great show,
especially the way he turned the end of "Hanging Tree" into the end of
"Whichever way the wind blows."  Stunning.  Many of his solos sounded the
same, though, a final break away from the Husker years.  I could do with
more variance.  Regardless, he always manages to both blow me away and
inspire me.


From: bill tatalovich

Yes, I too went to the show last night (sort of...I guess it's now
officially saturday) in Chicago.  I will basically suffice it to say wow.
Yes, I've seen Bob before, solo, in St. Louis last year.  But the full
band did it for me.  So

Couple of quick thoughts:

> Bob also flashed a sign when he walke out - "63 Sammy" or somthing like 
> that.  Way to get the Chicagoans on his side!!

Yep.  The sign said "63 Sosa."  Kind of a sign (no pun intended) of the
great mood Bob was in during the show.  Very cool.

>        Did anyone else (who was at last night's Chicago show) think
> there was a bit too much bass being pumped out? Also, I wasn't a fan of
> the bass sound at times.

The bass drum, yes, was too loud.  But I personally (from my vantage point
near the front left) thought that the electric bass was hidden...kind of
like in every Sugar song (excepting "Feeling Better," but whatever).  I
really wanted to hear that cool bass fill in "Fort Knox, King Solomon."
Oh yeah...and what was with the weird things happening during the first
couple of songs in the amps?  Like all the highs cutting out for a while?
That was incredibly strange.


From: Michael Kelly

The whole concert was stunning. I could reel off a bunch of superlatives now, 
so I will: intense, thrilling, passionate, quirky, fiery, crazed, and lacerating. 
Now this is how I felt; from where I sat looking back at the rest of the balcony, 
I think there were a lot of Sugar/Husker fans who were pretty pissed that they 
didn't get the oldies. I however found itto be incredible that he could be so 
audacious to come out and play his last two records almost exclusively, and play 
the hell out of them to boot. All I've got to say is, thank god for us AND for 
Bob that bob has a stage to go to every year or so. as a clinical social worker 
who models a lot of my passion for my work on someone with the drive of Bob, I 
am amazed at the tightrope he walks in concert between rocking out and just plain 
breaking down. Fascinating and powerful to see.

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