Setlist: Bob Mould — Elks Club, Hoboken NJ, 06 Mar 1998

See A Little Light
First Drag Of The Day
Your Favorite Thing
Moving Trucks
[unidentified new song]

Solo acoustic show. Multi-artist benefit performance for the family of Don Brody, a well-loved local musician who died a few months earlier.

Thanks to Mark Weygandt, from whose website (now defunct) this information was retrieved, along with the informal show reviews and comments below, which were originally posted to the Sugar internet mailing list:


From: Kurt M. Hockenbury

Well, since no-one else has come forward, I'll attempt a reply/review.

The show was at the Elks lodge in Hoboken, NJ.  Bob said he was glad he
was able to make it, and that he'd been in Austin the past month recording
the new album.  I got the impression he may have just flown in that day. 

It wasn't Bob's show per se; it was the first night of the "Friends of Don
Brody" show - a local musician who we lost around Christmas.  The shows
were benefits to help support his wife and children.

The Friday night (3/6/1998) show was Camp Hoboken, Kate Jacobs, Frank
Bango, Bob Mould, Jimmy Lee, Health and Happiness Show, and The Gefkens. 

Bob went on a little after nine (the group before him got to do an extra
song, apparently he wasn't quite ready).

He played six songs, and probably got the biggest crowd reaction of the
evening.  All songs were on a (apparently borrowed?) acoustic guitar.

See a Little Light
First Drag of the Day  ("Dedicated to me, for having quit smoking three
  months ago".  Cool song)
Your Favorite Thing
Moving Truck (a new one)
? (another new one, missed the title - someone else care to fill in?)

All in all, a good set, even though a short one.  I was happy when he
opened with "See a little light" as I'd been thinking he should play that
all day.

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