Setlist: Bob Mould — The Rave, Milwaukee WI, 04 Oct 1997

Wishing Well
Hoover Dam
Your Favorite Thing
New #1
High Fidelity
Along The Way
First Drag Of The Day*
Reflecting Pool*
Moving Trucks*
Chartered Trips*
No Reservations
The Last Night
If I Can't Change Your Mind
Sinners And Their Repentances
Lonely Afternoon
See A Little Light

I Apologize*
Man On The Moon*
Makes No Sense At All*


Solo acoustic show except (*) solo electric.

Thanks to Mark Weygandt, from whose website (now defunct) this information was retrieved, along with the informal show reviews and comments below, which were originally posted to the Sugar internet mailing list:



Overall, a very good show, although the sound was brutal. You 
couldn't make out any of the lyrics or anything he was saying. So he 
pretty much gave up talking to the crowd. But it still looked like he 
was having a great time. The Husker stuff seemed to get the best 
response. As he said after the show, it was definately a Workbook and 
Husker crowd. In fact, he said he threw in Chartered Trips because he 
was afraid he was losing the audience during the new songs. He seemed 
to really get into I Apologize and Makes No Sense At All. Sinners was 
also especially good, as was Lonely Afternoon. It was kind of a weird 
set up for this show. There were actually chairs. So everyone sat the 
whole show. I think this was the first time I ever sat at a Bob show. 
But despite the rather odd setting and the bad sound,  Bob still put 
in a great performance.


From: EJDomecq

I'm not sure what has been said of this show, but it was truly an inspiring
performance.  Flat out, and for lack of better terms, the new stuff kicks
ass.  IMO, New#1 is one of his best all-time.  A show highlight, surely--the
glassy look that you can swear is directly aimed at you--truly incredible.
 Intense, beautiful lyrics; tremendous song-structure--I can't sing enough
praises.  High Fidelity once again beautiful this tour around.  Regret
missing the new Beautiful Thing from Chicago.  Oh well, I'm sure I'll catch
it sometime soon.

If Bob was sick on Thursday, he sure made a quick recovery.  Sounded awesome.
 Seemed to feed off the very appreciative crowd (what, 3 standing o's?).  He
said on a couple occasions how fun it was, thanking the crowd. A complete joy
for all...

Other highlights (besides the great new ones):  No Reservations, Last Night,
I Apologize, Chartered Trips (which first-true-Bob-experience wife
loved--looks like Zen Arcade will be re-introduced to our quiet little
household).  Great show, excellent vibe, get tickets if you're crazy not to
have them already...

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