Setlist: Bob Mould — Cabaret Metro, Chicago, 01 Oct 1997

Wishing Well
Hoover Dam
Your Favorite Thing
New #1
High Fidelity
Along The Way
First Drag Of The Day*
Reflecting Pool*
Moving Trucks*
Sweet Serene*
Beautiful Time*
No Reservations
The Last Night
If I Can't Change Your Mind
Sinners And Their Repentances
Roll Over And Die
Eternally Fried
Brasilia Crossed With Trenton

The Act We Act*
Man On The Moon*


Solo acoustic show except (*) solo electric.

Thanks to Mark Weygandt, from whose website (now defunct) this information was retrieved, along with the informal show reviews and comments below, which were originally posted to the Sugar internet mailing list:


From: drewc

Just got back from Chicago Number One.  Wow... Wow.  What a show.  Bob
let all the stops out with EIGHT new songs for us tonight, including the
three new ones from last spring.  He said he wrote most of the new ones
LAST WEEK, and finished recording/mixing demos last Saturday. 

Reflecting Pool ("unfinished," according to Bob)
"Beautiful Time" (actually a fragment that he turned into a GREAT song on
the spot--the chorus went something like "Such a beautiful time/It
doesn't matter much before yeah".  Someone yelled out for Sunspots after
this song, and he replied "We just did that in our own special way"
meaning the feel of the song, while electric, was similar to Sunspots)

Wow.  Some stunners:  High Fidelity (What a GORGEOUS song), First Drag Of
The Day (a fun one), Beautiful Time, Last Night, Brasilia (he's got a new
ending for this one), Thumbtack.  He was quite chatty during the show,
asking for people taping it to send him a copy because he had absolutely
no idea what he did for "Beautiful Time" (as he made it up on the spot),
talking about the Yankees, etc.  But the best news he gave us from the
show was that next time he comes on tour it won't be acoustic - he's
putting a loud band together.  

I talked to him after the show and he said that this show absolutely made
the rest of his year.  He was about ready to go home 10 minutes before
the beginning of the set because he was so nervous 'bout the new ones,
but he said he played them to as near perfection as he could.  He was on
cloud nine about it.  He also talked about writing these new ones, how
some were still kinda unwritten but playable, how he was doing demos last
week, etc.  He's got an album in the can, but he's gonna wait till next
summer to put something out because he's in such a writing spree he wants
to make sure nothing but the best ones make it.  Apparently it's gonna be
by his new, unstaffed (as of yet) band and not a solo work.  I put a bug
in his ear for "Something I Learned Today" on the electric for tomorrow
night, and he said he remembers how to play it but might have to work on
the lyrics.  His eyes lit up when I mentioned it, so keep your ears open
for that old-time classic.  I also asked him why open the tour in
Chicago, and he said that Chicago has the best audiences, is the most
patient, and will listen to the new stuff (for some reason he contrasted
it to Green Bay - go figure). 

It's highly doubtful we'll ever hear "Beautiful Time" again live, but if
he ever sat down with a tape of the show and charted out what he played
and recorded it, it would easily be one of his best songs.


From: Sumant Ranji

Well, this has already been mentioned, I'm sure, but last night at the
Metro Bob said he's going to put a band together, and this will be the
last series of acoustic shows for awhile.  And he promised the new band
will be "loud"...damn, am I excited about that or what?  Highlights of the
show for me were "Moving Trucks", the resurrection of "The Act We Act",
and the (beautiful, indeed) semi-improv "Beautiful Time".  it began with a
long guitar intro, but it didn't at all seem that Bob was improvising
until he told us so at the end.  


From: C. Comerford

Not much to add to the other postings, except to say that the new songs
rocked.  It looked and sounded like Bob was having a lot of fun with the new
stuff, definitely a different feel than the songs from _Bob Mould_.  On one
of them (First Drag of the Day, maybe?), he said that he was surprised that
he could sing and play them at the same time, which was more than he could
say for "Anymore Time Between".  Guess that's why he doesn't play it live. 
Maybe with a band...

Great show.  Hearing the rough demos made the show, especially since he was
so excited about playing well.  Hope he keeps it up...


From: Dan Glovier

A couple of notes:

Someone said it was weird not to see J & A open for Bob. Both J and A
were in attendance last night, however. Talked to Jason for a moment,
let him know that the latest and greatest is indeed great, and continued
on. They didn't go backstage. I think they kinda hung around the

Only down moment: That evil, nasty buzzing that occurred during Andrew's
set (which impressed me). It was in the background and I'm not too sure
who noticed. I'm just glad it was gone by the time Bob started. A good
opening set for Andrew, with some real smart musical hooks interspersed.
It didn't knock me on the ground, but I certainly would be interested to
hear more.

Bob's set was wicked. It was great to see him borderline giddy about the
whole thing. I really liked how he explored some of the dynamics of his
songs. Definitely my favorite Bob solo show to date.

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