Setlist: Bob Mould — Mississippi Nights, St Louis MO, 13 May 1997

Wishing Well
Needle Hits E
Hoover Dam
Your Favorite Thing
No Reservations
Can't Help You Anymore
Lonely Afternoon
New #1
If I Can't Change Your Mind
High Fidelity
The Last Night
Hardly Getting Over It
Sinners And Their Repentances
See A Little Light

I Apologize*
Running Out Of Time*
Man On The Moon*
Makes No Sense At All*

Solo acoustic show except (*) solo electric.

Thanks to Mark Weygandt, from whose website (now defunct) this information was retrieved, along with the informal show reviews and comments below, which were originally posted to the Sugar internet mailing list:


From: Bill Tatalovich

General observations:
	--The crowd sucked.  I actually managed to talk to Bob after the
	  show (more on that later), and he had the same opinion.  People
	  kept yapping during the soft parts, and there were no requests, 
	  even though I had thought that was the norm at Bob's shows.
	--The opening band was Three Blind Men, from St. Louis.  They were 
	  okay, but I think they were booked because they knew Bob was
	  going to play solo acoustic guitar.  They had a cello and a
	  string bass, though, which was cool.
	--Bob's voice seemed restrained at times, but at other times it
 	  hit with full force.  Weird.
	--Not much talking from Bob.  He did say that he was going to take
	  a year off, but not much else.

Music observations:
	--As Michael said, "Lonely Afternoon" was amazing.  Bob went nuts,
	  and otherwise made it sound great.
	--"The Last Night" suffered because of the crowd.  Bob played it 
	  really quiet, and got quiet that I couldn't hear
	  him eventually.  I got distraced and looked away.  Then he got
	  really loud really fast, and it scared the shit out of me.  I
	  told him that after the show, and he said "good...that's the
	--Very happy with the "The Last Night"-"Hardly Getting Over It"-
	  "Sinners" grouping.  They were separate, but the fact that he 
	  clumped them together was cool.
	--I fell in love with "New #1".  Amazing song.  "High Fidelity"
	  and "Vapo-Rub" are great too...can't wait to hear them recorded.
	--Only one song from the self-titled album.  Kind of
	  disappointing, (I'm still dreaming that he'll play "Anymore Time
	  Between" one of these days) but the older stuff (Husker Du and
	  _Workbook_ songs) more than made up for it.

Okay, so I waited around after the show to talk to Bob, but I didn't know
where to look for him.  I gave up and started leaving.  Then I remembered
I wanted to get a newspaper from the club, so I went back and parked.  And
lo and behold, there's Bob putting his stuff in a rental car.  So I talked
to him for a while about the "year off" comment (he wants a normal life
for a while...see his brother's kids (I think that's what he said), catch
up with friends...and record some new songs), the new songs (he did these
"mini-tours" to test them out), driving long distances to see shows (he
reminisced about going long distances to see bands like PIL, because they
ignored Minneapolis), and the crappy crowd (as he put it, the folks in
front were into it, but the rest were a wash...he tried to get them into
it, but it didn't work).  This post is getting too long...otherwise I'd
talk about the fake foreigner that approached Bob and me.
should have been there.  Thanks for putting up with the long post.  See


From: Michael Juster

just got back from bob at mississippi nights. not much talking in this
one, he pretty much played straight through. he said he was tired from
being in seattle. he mentioned that he hadn't been in stl for about 3
years, and that he would probably see us again in about a year and a half
(he's taking a year off)...

i have to agree with what i've read, "lonely afternoon" was amazing. he
went nuts in the middle.

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