Setlist: Bob Mould — La Luna, Portland OR, 11 May 1997

Wishing Well
Needle Hits E
Hoover Dam
Your Favorite Thing
No Reservations
Can't Help You Anymore
Lonely Afternoon
New #1
If I Can't Change Your Mind
High Fidelity
The Last Night
Eternally Fried
Sinners And Their Repentances
Roll Over And Die
See A Little Light
Celebrated Summer

I Apologize*
The Act We Act*
Makes No Sense At All*


Solo acoustic show except (*) solo electric.

Thanks to Mark Weygandt, from whose website (now defunct) this information was retrieved, along with the informal show reviews and comments below, which were originally posted to the Sugar internet mailing list:


From: Craig Giffen

Just got back from the La Luna show.

The setlist was standard for the most part.  That Act We Act was in the
electric encores.  Bob was originally going to play something different,
then changed his mind.  He seemed to do this a few times during the show.

Lois opened up for Bob.  She kept talking about how wonderful Bob's
performance in Seattle was last night.  When Bob came out onto the stage he
said something to the effect of "How can I live up to all that talk about me?"

It was hot inside La Luna, Bob's mood uh, wasn't.  He was pretty distraught
over his voice, which didn't seem to kick in until late in the show.  Then
his mood went up a bit.  He hardly talked at all inbetween the songs.  The
audience was pretty quiet too.  He shook his head and said a couple things
to himself during the quiet part/false ending of "Celebrated Summer".

I taped the show and it came out really good, especially for me being 4 feet
from Bob in front row center.  These Core Sound mics are great.  During the
electric encores you can tell I am way to close.  The recording sounds good,
but I keep hearing this subtle scratching noise on the tape (during the
electric set).  It wasn't the tape recording level to high, it is Bob's pick
hitting the strings!  I was expecting the recording to be substandard, since
I was not near a PA stack.  I figured that if I was in a lousy taping
position where there was poor sound, the greater the chance of Bob
playing/reviving "These Important Years","Blah Blah Blah", "Newest
Industry", etc.  I did mention  "Turning of the Tide" and Bob said he has
never tried to transpose that song.  (He had his 12 string when I asked him)

Overall, the show was alright.  Maybe it was Bob, maybe it was me.  I've
always enjoyed the crowd interaction on various tapes, and there wasn't
hardly any tonight.  Bob pulled out the silicone spray and sprayed down his
guitar stings, this was pretty amusing.  Bob & his cloud of misty spray in
the air.

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