Setlist: Bob Mould — Rosebud, Pittsburgh PA, 24 Apr 1997

Wishing Well
Needle Hits E
Hoover Dam
Your Favorite Thing
See A Little Light
No Reservations
Can't Help You Anymore
New #1
If I Can't Change Your Mind
High Fidelity
The Last Night
Panama City Motel
Eternally Fried
Sinners And Their Repentances
Roll Over And Die
Poison Years

I Apologize*
Man On The Moon*


Solo acoustic show except (*) solo electric.

Thanks to Mark Weygandt, from whose website (now defunct) this information was retrieved, along with the informal show reviews and comments below, which were originally posted to the Sugar internet mailing list:


From: Noah Guyot

A good show, not as strong as the Metropol show in the Fall, but to see Bob
twice in 6 months in Pittsburgh after his 6 year hiatus is deffinitly a
good thing. Bob seemed to be having tuning trouble all night, at one point
saying "I don't know what's up with this fucking thing, it was fine all
afternoon". He seemed a bit disapointed with his performance, shruging a
lot & grimacing occasionally, He nailed Thumbtack though & seemed pleased...
He attempted a bit of chatter, but the audience didn't know what to do with
it so he ended up saying "I guess I'm the entertainer, huh... " & started
up again. Someone requested Fort Knox & Bob replied "Fort Knox is in
Tennessee where it belongs" I guess it didn't hold up on the road.
The new stuff sounds great... I especially like New #1, but that's biased
from the Philly tape with the DC performance of it tacked on.
The slow version of The Last Night was fantastic!!!! I'd love to get a copy
of the show where he did a lot of the set that way... it really changes the
mood and interpertation of the song...
A number of folks waited around to talk to him, but he didn't end up coming
out, probably because after he was done they immediately set up for "Fiesta
Night" with a local Salsa band so it was still a bit crowded.


From: A. Emanuele

1.Highlights:  "See A Little Light," "The Last Night," "Roll Over And
Die,"  "Poison Years" were all impressive.  The show was consistently
good with Bob's usual level of intensity.  He took the now standard
cigarette break in the middle and asked what was new.
--"I've just been touring and on vacation," he said.
--"I'm not ready to start thinking about a new album yet; I've got a lot
of writing to do."
--He's almost done with this tour.
--He is aware that Pittsburgh residents refer to the Pirates as "the
--"No, I haven't been playing much of the new album, nobody's asked me
why," he cracked.  (Isn't he happy with it?) "I guess it's because I
didn't play the songs before I recorded them."  Somebody shouted for
"Fort Knox, King Solomon."  "Fort Knox?  Fort Knox is in Kentucky.  It's
not in my set list."
--I do not know if the song that is identified elsewhere on these pages
as "New #1" is the same as the song identified on my set list as
"Remember When."  I could have sworn that was what he said.
--Started "Sinners" twice, one time abandoning it to play something else
before coming back to it.
--Didn't leave the stage between "Man in the Moon" and "Thumbtack".  Had
to change a string before "Thumbtack."
--The usual shouting of requests.  Somebody(either a real smartass or a
total dumbass) shouted "Sorry Somehow."

3.The opener was Block, from NYC.  Never heard of him.  He's maybe
somewhere between Cindy Lee Berryhill(that Village anti-folk thing) and
Vic Chesnutt?  Does that make any sense?  Had some good tunes.

4.Bob came out towards the end of the opening set and stood in a little
doorway behind a chain.  Two or three guys went up and talked to him.
My friends told me to but I was too chicken.

5.  I can't imagine a more wildly inappropriate venue.  It's a friggin
restaruant.  The entire floor was covered with tables, they were all
taken, and anybody who got there after 7:00 had to stand near the back

6.  A good percentage of the crowd walked in halfway through, shouted
conversation over the music, and ignored the show completely.  Many of
them seemed upset that "THAT MAN" was playing so loud and ruining their
night out.  (The majority of this crowd was young, obviously affluent
and total inconsiderate dicks.)

7.  Bob's voice was way high in the mix, his guitar way low.  No
problem, but he was noticeably hoarse and strained for a couple notes.
(Not many.)

8.  Don't know if this is the soundman's fault or Bob's -- electric
guitar sound was WAY tinny.  Think Big Black's ATOMIZER record, only
with less bottom end.

9.  The show at the Metropol, in Ocotber, did not suffer from any of the
above problems.  Hard to understand why the switch was made -- Metropol,
a standard issue dance club, is right next door and was kept empty(I
think they share management as well) during the set.

10.   The above gripes should not be interpreted in any  way as relating
to the quality of Bob's performance.  He was great, but there were
distractions that probably weren't his fault.

11.  Should address this too:  New songs -- "High Fidelity" is insanely
great.  Absolutely perfect.  "Vaporub" sounded good as is, but also
sounds like it might make a great "Bob Mould Pop Song."  "Remember
When"(or possibly "New #1", whatever) sounded -- odd.  Maybe it's not a
good solo tune -- maybe it would sound good as a "What You Want It to
Be" or "Anymore Time Betweent" style creeper.(I realize that everybody
else's opinion on it is the exact opposite.)

12.To the guy who was sitting down behind me and got up and asked me to
move over where I was standing so that his view would be uninterrupted
while he sat down:

13.Fuck you.

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