Setlist: Bob Mould — People's Bar & Grill, Ames IA, 19 Feb 1997

Wishing Well
Hear Me Calling
Hoover Dam
Your Favorite Thing
See A Little Light
Can't Help You Anymore
Lonely Afternoon
New #1
If I Can't Change Your Mind
High Fidelity
Hardly Getting Over It
The Last Night
Eternally Fried
Brasilia Crossed With Trenton
Roll Over And Die
Celebrated Summer
Poison Years

Too Far Down

Solo acoustic show.

Thanks to Mark Weygandt, from whose website (now defunct) this information was retrieved, along with the informal show reviews and comments below, which were originally posted to the Sugar internet mailing list:


From: Peter Bissinger 

I don't have time to go into much detail right now.  I'll post the setlist
and specifics later.  The show was very cool!  The set was pretty similar to
others from this tour, except no strat.  He must not think much of the Ames
power grid, because he didn't use it in September either.  He talked to the
crowd for about 20 minutes straight mostly slagging of people.  He made the
same joke about going back into the closet.  He slagged on Eddie Vedder for
the "Hope I die before I'm Bob Mould" line, Billy Corgan (Regis & Kathie
Lee), Bush, Marilyn Manson, Bowie ("his new album sounds like Moby") and
others.  Given an invitation to slag on Grant he steadfastly refused.  "I
forgot I ever hated him until you guys remind me" (or something like that).
But then said Greg's another story...  More of that good natured ribbing we
saw before.



	From what I hear, something strange happens to Bob when he plays in
Chicago, e.g., The Slim, Thumbtack, but some thing strange has seemed to happen
at each of his last two Ames shows too.  First there was the BAJA thing last
year, and then last night's "story time."  About mid-way through the set, Bob
put his guitar down, got a cigarette, and told us that he was going to share 
a few thoughts with us if we wanted. "You can have three $5 stories or one $15
novel." (tickets were $15)
	He started out talking about the "back in the closet" promotional idea
and from there moved to Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam. "I hope I die before I'm 
Bob Mould? What the hell is that?... I don't think he has too worry about that.
"but I don't really mind Pearl Jam. Afterall, I listened to the Guess Who." He
continued this for almost 20 minutes, giving facts or his opinions on anyone
and anything that the croud yelled out. It was cool, but weird!
	Bob sounded great! He said that he thinks that he has strep, but it 
didn't seem to affect his singing much, and he commented a couple of times how
he "couldn't complain with tonight's output." I didn't write down the set list,
but I thought it was great. I got to hear him do "Hear Me Calling," "See a 
and "IICCYM" for the first time live, and the three new songs are great. New #1
was probably my favorite however.
	It was also great to see Verbow/Skinny/Jason&Allison again. It was too
bad, though, that the bar wasn't full for there show and a lot of people talked
through the whole set, but those who didn't were very impressed. 


From: Peter Bissinger

At the beginning he warned us about his voice, turns out he probably has
strep.  His voice turned out fine and he thought so, too.  He mentioned he
heard Iowa was in for flooding again because of the big melt.  Someone
yelled out, "Get out while you can!"  So he says, "Okay, this'll be the last
song for the evening and goes into "Your Favorite Thing".  After Eternally
Fried, Bob talked to the audience for about 20 minutes.  Topics included:

1)  Going back into the closet.
2)  Pearl Jam / Eddie Vedder.  He made reference to the "Hope I die before
I'm Bob Mould".  It sounded like he didn't know about the "My Generation"
connection.  Bob's response:  "I don't thinks he's gotta worry about that, I
think he will."  and something about the RS Eddie Vedder article, "Everyone
found out he had friends in High School."  and finally "I've got no problem
with Pearl Jam, I like the Guess Who."  To Eddie "You, sir, are no Burton
Cummings. (sp)"(Lead singer of the Guess Who.) I yelled out that they stole
"Beyond the Threshold" and turned into "Spin the Black Circle."  Bob
responded, "Well at least they have good taste."
3)  Bush:  "I liked the Pixies the 1st time".  "We sent England the Monkees,
the sent us Bush.  Maybe they should have a TV Show."
4)  Grant Hart:  Nothing but good things to say about him.  He hated for
about a month and quit the band.  Talks w/ him regularly now.
5)  Greg Norton:  Good-natured jokes.  He has the "Lee Press-on Moustache"
back.  And runs a resteraunt in Red Wing, Minnesota.  When some in the
audience laughed at that he said, "At least he doesn't have to come to Ames
and get strep."
6)  David Barbe:  Took his Sugar money, bought a house w/ an acre of land.
Enjoying life.
7)  Andrew Duplantis:  Working on his own stuff in Austin.
8)  Malcom Travis:  In either Boston or Austin (couldn't quite understand)
and happily married.
9)  Billy Corgan:  Joke about his appearance on Regis & Kathie Lee and
appearing at the Bowie 50th Birthday.
10)  Bowie:  He's 50 years old and now he sounds like Moby.
11)  Marilyn Manson:  He's Alice Cooper
12)  Pat Boone:  Someone in the audience yelled his name, Bob started to try
to play, "You Light up my life" (that's Debbie Boone, isn't it?)
13)  Paul Westerberg:  He's off Sire and looking for a new record label.
14)  Morphine:  They're off of Ryko and w/ Either Elektra or Dreamworks. 

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