Setlist: Bob Mould — Showbox, Seattle WA, 29 Oct 1996

Wishing Well
Hoover Dam
Needle Hits E
Your Favorite Thing
Fort Knox, King Solomon
Can't Help You Anymore
If I Can't Change Your Mind
Can't Fight It
Panama City Motel
Explode And Make Up
Hardly Getting Over It
Sinners And Their Repentances
Lonely Afternoon
Roll Over And Die
No Reservations
Chartered Trips
Celebrated Summer

I Apologize*
Makes No Sense At All*


Solo acoustic show except (*) solo electric

Thanks to Mark Weygandt, from whose website (now defunct) this information was retrieved, along with the informal show reviews and comments below, which were originally posted to the Sugar internet mailing list:


From: Jamie Morrow

Despite a raging headache  ("my head feels like cement") and the onset
of a 
cold ("this wet climate is killing me"),  Bob found enough in himelf to
deliver a 
ripping,  rock-solid performance.  The set was quite similar to previous
shows I read in posts from the 1st & 2nd stages of the tour.   "Wishing
well" got things rolling in fine form, and any cobwebs he had we're
blasted out by the songs end.   He made numerous comments all night
about his voice sounding like it was coming from another person, but he
seemed to enjoy what he had.  
("I'm starting to like this, when I woke up this morning I felt worse
than I have in
over a year,  I feel a fuck-load of a lot better now! ").    
Highlights were a full-on,  frantic version of "lonely afternoon",  an
"hardly getting over it"  (not a medley w/ Explode like I read in
earlier posts),
and a slow, brooding rendition of "can't fight it".    "Thumbtack" was
The Showbox was packed  (capacity's about 1000) and the crowd
was into it from the outset which seemed to perk Bob's spirits as the
show progressed.  Bob last played the Showbox back in 81' w/ Husker on
an extended SST tour of the Northwest,  and he remarked how much the
place had changed
and shared a couple of anectodes from the "land speed" tour.  The Husker
seemed to please him the most,  and he kept nodding his approval after
successive song,  remarking how surprised he was that he had it going so
  Unfortunately I have to run,  hopefully someone else will post with
more details.   Come back soon Bob.... 


From: 'ShawrkByte' J Shaw

another thing that stood out in my mind was bob talking about 81 (husker
du) and how some guy "standing right over there" threw a beer at him.  he
said he caught it and threw it right back at the guy.  bob had a great
sense of humor the whole night.  "with as many pairs of jeans i bought, i
should have gotten a discount."  " was a friend of a friend
thing...last time i do that." and "it's good to be back in town...inside."


From: Jon David M. Komatsu

I've never seen Bob Mould live, but have been a fan of his music, from
Husker Du all the way through Sugar and all of his solo stuff.  And having
recently been able to see his live acoustic show here in Seattle, I'm
pretty sure that I can say that my life is now complete.

At first I was dubious--how can some guy know for his buzzsaw approach to
guitar--the louder the better!--be any good acoustically.  But I now know
better.  A doubter no more.

Bob came to town to play the Showbox.  He appeared on stage, t-shirt and
shorts, quiet, almost shy.  But he picked up his twelve string Yamaha, and
ripped into his set, playing like a madman.  

Starting the set with a bunch of his better know Sugar material, the
audience was appreciative and vocal.  Bob in turn smiled sweetly between
songs, making genial small talk in an almost boyishly charming manner.  

He noted that it was nice to be playing indoors for once here in Seattle,
referring to his last acoustic gig here in town: An outdoor show to open
the new Levi's outlet store last year.  

Bob also made remarks about his general health, stating that he was
"feeling out of it" that evening.  Apparently he was suffering from some
kind of head cold, stating that it felt like someone had poured "cement in
my skull."  But he played on with ever greater ferocity throughout the

The other marvel was his voice.  When he first acknowledged the audience
at the beginning of the show it was obvious he was not in the best of
conditions vocally.  He sounded hoarse and rough voiced.  But somehow he
transcended his condition, stretching his vocal resources as far as he
could song after song.  And while his voice did crack on a few occasions,
it was particularly rich and emotive throughout the night. 

At one point he commented that it felt like he was singing with someone
else's voice, that he didn't know where it was coming from.  "I don't know
whose it is, but I like it," he joked with everyone laughing.  

He also went down memory lane at one point, remembering an old Husker gig
at the same venue some 15 years earlier, noting the exact spot from where
some bloke threw a beer bottle at him--and how he caught it in midair and
tossed it back at the jerk.  

Yes, he did do an electric encore, ripping into a couple of his solo and
Sugar songs, but also a Husker number.  That was the nicest thing about
the night:  The inclusion of material from Husker Du.  Having been unable  
to witness that particular piece of American musical history, it
was wonderful to see Bob do the stuff live.

By the end of the evening, with Bob smiling ear to ear, he commented that
he may have felt lousy at the beginning of the show, but he "sure felt a
whole fucking lot better now."  The audience roared in appreciation.  

It was one hell of a show, one that I will never forget.

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