Setlist: Grant Hart/Nova Mob — Camden Underworld, London UK, 16 Dec 1992

Old Empire
Oh! To Behold
Ballad #19
Admiral Of The Sea
Evergreen Memorial Drive
The Main
Shoot Your Way To Freedom
Let Go
Please Don't Ask → jam

Come, Come

Grant Hart -- guitar, vocals
Tom Merkl -- bass, backing vocals
Marc Retish -- drums

Despite previous speculation that this show may have occurred on the 13th, the preponderance of evidence now favors the 16th. Attendee Brett Allen, writing in 2024, submitted this excerpt from his handwritten notes:

He also mentioned that it was difficult to decide between this Nova Mob show and the Sugar show the same night in Bristol (the date checks).

Grant announces at the beginning of the set that this is the band's last show as a three-piece, and that Chris Hesler (who had been denied entry to the UK because his working papers were not in order) would be rejoining them on lead guitar when they got to the Continent.

Thanks to Brett Allen, Chris Hesler, and Stefan Kullik.

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