Setlist: Hüsker Dü, "Last House on the Left" (basement show), Minneapolis, 13 Jul 1984

First set
[unknown songs may have opened the set]
Eight Miles High
Pink Turns To Blue
Something I Learned Today
It's Not Funny Anymore
Gilligan's Island

Second set
Chartered Trips [guitar intro only]*
Ticket To Ride [instrumental]*
Badstreet USA [instrumental]*
Ticket To Ride*
[extended instrumental jam]*
[guitar feedback]**

Setlist was derived from this video.

* Spot takes over on drums, Grant moves to bass, Greg sits out.

** Bob, Grant depart; Bob leaves his guitar propped against the amp, creating
pulsating feedback (possibly regulated to some degree by Terry Katzman, who
was running sound). Spot remains onstage, first continuing to play drums to the
feedback, then switching to clarinet.

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