Setlist: Hüsker Dü — 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, 15 Aug 1981

Set 1*
All Tensed Up
Don't Try To Call
I'm Not Interested
Guns At My School
Push The Button
Gilligan's Island
Don't Have A Life
Tired Of Doing Things
You're Naive
Strange Week
Do The Bee
Big Sky
Let's Go Die
Data Control

Set 2
Wonít Say A Word
Donít Try It
Private Hell
In A Free Land
Sex Dolls
Itís Not Fair

* The first set was recorded and released as Land Speed Record, the
first Hüsker Dü album. The second set was recorded as well, and the
master tape has survived, so hope remains alive for a future release.

Thanks to Terry Katzman for the Set 2 info.

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