Setlist: Hüsker Dü — Zoogie's, Minneapolis, 06 Nov 1980

Set 1
Drug Party
Call On Me
Sore Eyes
Don't Try It
Private Hell
Can't See You Anymore
All I've Got To Lose Is You
Whims, Whispers, And Feelings
Data Control

Set 2
All Tensed Up
Don't Try To Call
I'm Not Interested
Picture Of You
Writer's Cramp
Push The Button
Gilligan's Island
Sexual Economics
Do You Remember?
Don't Have A Life
Tired Of Doing Things
Let's Go Die

Do The Bee

One of the earliest known performances of "Diane," if not the first (introduced as a new song). Lyrics differ slightly from the Metal Circus version, notably where Grant sings "I'd sure like it if you'd take a ride with me" (rather than "Won't you come and take a ride with me"), "uniform (instead of 'clothes') in a nice neat pile," and "Here, I'll show you a little trick with my knife" (rather than "It's all over now, and with my knife"). In addition, Bob's guitar accompaniment and solo are not yet fully developed.

Thanks to Adam Luksetich and Terry Katzman.

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