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Track sources for Grant Hart Oeuvrevue compilation CD

Track title Track source Year
The Main All Of My Senses EP 1990
Signed D.C. All Of My Senses EP 1992
I Just Want To Make Love To You  Admiral Of The Sea EP 1991
Evergreen Memorial Drive A Matter Of Degrees soundtrack album
Evergreen Memorial Drive 7" single
Masters Of War Evergreen Memorial Drive 7" single 1992
Shoot Your Way To Freedom Shoot Your Way To Freedom 7" single
Shoot EP
Oh! To Behold Shoot EP 1992
Little Miss Information Old Empire EP 1994
Beyond A Reasonable Doubt Old Empire EP 1994
Please Don't Ask Fingerprints, Vol 2 VA compilation CD 1997
Ballad #19 Minnesota Modern Rock: The Pachyderm Sessions VA compilation CD 1995
Persuaded Shuffle This VA compilation CD 1996
No Promise Have I Made Volume 13, The Lucky Issue VA compilation CD 1995
Narcissus, Narcissus Unreleased remix of Hot Wax track 2010
Khalid Australian Hot Wax LP 2010
Wheels Amazon-only Hot Wax downloadable bonus track 2009

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