Hüsker Dü — Live Featuring J.C.

Grant Hart liner notes

J.C. is John Clegg.

J.C. worked at Melody Lane Records with Bill, Greg and I when we were in or just out of high school. J.C. had a cat named "Bub", short for Beelzebub. J.C. played alto, tenor, and baritone sax. J.C. was beat but not a beatnik. J.C. hosted some of the best parties ever when he lived on a hobby farm in Lake Elmo. J.C. was from the East Side. J.C. introduced me to many philosophies. J.C. introduced me to Jack Kerouac and Sun Ra. J.C. was always well turned out. J.C. first remarked that I was "gone at an early age." J.C. drove a yellow short. J.C. studied under Eddie Berger. J.C. tells a story like nobody else. J.C. came with us to Harvard to play. J.C. bought a nickle plated tenor from me that had been rebuilt by Frank Strachota. J.C. had a pad at the Rossmor. J.C. loves his friends. J.C. had more jazz sides than anyone. J.C. was moderate and compassionate. J.C.'s vocabulary and his line are examples of beautiful language. J.C. has influenced my life and character in a million positive ways.
J.C. is, was, and always will be.
— G.H. 2008

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