Arena/Nighttown, Rotterdam NL

Arena, Rotterdam
Image source: Bioscoop Route Rotterdam [link dead]

Nighttown, Rotterdam NL
Image collection source: defunct Nighttown website via Wayback Machine

Nighttown, Rotterdam NL
Image source: Wikipedia

Nighttown, Rotterdam NL
Image source: AD article retrieved via Wayback Machine

Site of the former Nighttown, Rotterdam NL
Image source: Google maps

Arena, located at West-Kruiskade 26, was a converted movie theater that operated as a music venue and entertainment complex. Top photo probably dates to the '80s. The place was renamed Nighttown in 1988. The Nighttown small photo collage was captured from the official website as archived in 2007. The Nighttown building photo and sign closeup both appear to be from 2008, when the then-shuttered club was acquired by new owners, who would subsequently renovate the facility, rename it Watt, and reopen later that year. Bottom image is from 2019, by which time the building was home to an Asian supermarket. Hüsker Dü was scheduled to play Arena on 25 May 1984, opening for Black Flag, but dropped out of the tour and did not appear. Nova Mob played Nighttown on 16 Aug 1990 and 18 Jun 1994 (Basement).

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