Knopf's Music Hall/Docks, Hamburg, Germany

Knopfs, Hamburg, Germany (1956)
Image source: Hamburg Film Museum website

Docks, Hamburg, Germany (1999)
Image source: Welt (photo credited there to "dpa")

Docks, Hamburg, Germany (2004?)
Photo: katrinbpunkt
Image source: eventseeker

Docks, Hamburg, Germany (2008)
Image source: Google maps

Docks, Hamburg, Germany (2012)
Photo: NordNordWest
Image source: Wikipedia

Movie theater turned performance space located in a historic building at 19-20 Spielbudenplatz on the Reeperbahn. (For more details about the building's rich past, see the venue info page.) Top photo shows the building as Knopf's Lichtspielhaus in 19561. The next image down shows the place in 19992, after it had been converted to a nightclub called Docks, which is still in operation as of 2022. In the image below that, which appears to be from 20043, the sign on the marquee has been updated. The same sign appears in the next shot, a 2008 Google streetview capture that gives some idea of the building's surroundings. Bottom photo is a Wikimedia shot from 2012, in which the sign on the marquee has again been updated. Hüsker Dü played Knopf Musikhalle on 10 Jun 1987. Sugar played Docks on 09 Jun 1992.

1. The film Du bist Musik, starring Caterina Valente, was released in West Germany in September 1956.
2. German comedian Ingo Appelt (poster on far right in photo) played Docks on 24-25 Mar 1999. Hardcore band Sick of it all played Docks on 03 Mar 1999.
3. Belle and Sebastian played Docks on 20 Mar 2004, but since's tour date documentation is not exhaustive, this can't be considered conclusive evidence that the photo was shot on that date, although it seems extremely likely.

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