The Barrel Organ, Birmingham UK

The Barrel Organ, Digbeth, Birmingham UK, 1980
Image source: VisitBirmingham

The Dubliner (former Barrel Organ), Birmingham UK, ca. 2006)
Image source: virtualbrum website (defunct)

The Dubliner (former Barrel Organ), Birmingham UK, ca. 2015)
Photo: P.L. Chadwick
Image source: Brum Notes

Dubliner (former Barrel Organ), Birmingham UK, about to be taken over by Subside, 2015
Image source: Subside Facebook photos

Subside (former Dubliner/Barrel Organ), Birmingham UK, 2016
Image source: Google Maps

The Barrel Organ was located at 57 High Street in Digbeth until the early 90s, when it became The Dubliner. Subside took over the space in Dec 2015. Top photo is from 1980. Smaller Dubliner photos are from around 2006 and 2015, respectively. Advertisement showing the not-yet Subside is from 2015, and the Google streetview shot is from Sep 2016. Bob Mould played here on 27 Sep 1991.

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