Carling Academy/O2 Academy, Birmingham UK

Carling Academy (2005), Birmingham UK
Photo: Marcus Bowen
Image source: Wikipedia

Carling Academy (derelict 2011), Birmingham UK
Photo: Adam Yosef
Image source: Counteract

O2 Academy (2010), Birmingham UK
Photo: Loudrocksurfer
Image source: Wikipedia

O2 Academy (2016), Birmingham UK
Photo: Opu Anwar
Used with permission

Original venue (top photos) was at 52-54 Dale End. It was Carling Academy from 2002-2008, then O2 Academy. In 2009, O2 Academy relocated to 16-18 Horsefair (bottom photos). See Wikipedia for a more detailed accounting of the various venue names and locations. Photo dates: top left-2005; top right-2011 (building derelict); bottom left-2010; bottom right-2016. Bob Mould played Carling Academy on 22 Jun 2006 (solo) and 26 May 2008 (band); Bob Mould Band played O2 Academy on 07 Oct 2016.

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