Venue notes: Royal Albert Arms Hotel, Winnipeg MB

Historic hotel built in 1913. It's main floor served as an indie/punk rock venue from the 1980s to the 2000s. Located at 48 Albert Street, the building is considered a "heritage property," which implies some sort of protected status. In recent years, its rooms were used as low-income housing, but the property fell into disrepair, and was sold at auction in 2017. There are some pretty good CBC stories that touch on its history here ("Performances by bands such as Husker Du and Green Day lent the Albert legendary status in music circles. But the hotel also became infamous for violent crimes, including a grisly homicide scene where jewellery stolen from actor Susan Sarandon turned up.") and here. The latter link asserts that the place is to reopen in 2018, and features quotes from the new owner suggesting that resurrecting it as a music venue has not been ruled out.

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