Venue notes: Shorty's Underground, Cincinnati OH

Club located in the Short Vine district of Cincinnati that was around for a short time in 1990. Named in honor of Hallman "Shorty" Mincey, who ran the famous Jockey Club across the Ohio River in Newport KY. Two addresses for the place turned up in web searches, 6 W. Corry St and 2601 Vine. Brian Andersen, writing in 2011, explains the apparent ambiguity:
      I saw your website that mentioned Shorty's Underground and a discrepancy in the address. Shorty's was definitely at 2601 Vine Street. I worked there in the 90s and also when it changed names to Chilly's later. Shorty's was open during most of 1990 and then changed owners late in 1990. It re-opened as Chilly's on Vine from roughly Jan 1991- May 1992.

There were two entrances, one on Vine and one in the back parking lot. The cross street there is Corry that the parking lot attached to and that photo is the correct location. The blue building was where the back entrance was and in the other photo the red doorway led down to the basement right along where the stage was.

No other info available.

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