Venue notes: Sherwood Country Club, Indianapolis

Defunct. Longtime Indianapolite David Concannon writes: "The Sherwood was once a nice (relatively speaking) buffet restaurant that specialized in receptions, banquets, etc. In the mid-80s it was converted to an all ages club. There was a fire there around 1991. They stayed open as an open-air club (i.e., no roof), but not for long."

One of the venue's owners elaborates (Jul 2006):

"The Sherwood was built and opened in 1967 as a club for people under 21. As the years passed it morphed into a banquet hall with a full liquor license. It hosted many national groups in the 60's and 70's, i.e., Reo Speedwagon, Black Sabbath, Tommy James, The James Gang, The Buckinghams, The New Colony Six, Joe Walsh, and many more. It also hosted President Carter's brother Billy and the President's mother, Miss Lillian.

"It was a regular venue for pro boxing, and hosted an ESPN telecast title bout featuring an Indiana native Gary Guiden.

"[We] operated it until a fire destroyed the building in 1991. We operated outside in the remnants of the building for four summers and had crowds approaching 2000, each Monday night. A crackdown on the curfew for under 18 made us decide it was no longer worth it. We sold the real estate for condominiums a few years back."

Vicki R comments (May 2012) on the club's early years: "I was a regular at Sherwood from 1968-1971. What a terrific place that was for kids! Inexpensive & wow, the music was unbelievable. In addition to the groups you listed, I remember seeing Question Mark & the Mysterians (96 Tears) & Mason Profitt. Also, in reading my journals, I found an entry showing that Genesis played there. Certainly that wasn't the Genesis, was it? Also, I have one of the Sherwood magazines that were created on a regular basis. Wow, I just wanted to say that my late teenage years were wonderful in part to the Sherwood Country Club — it was just great!"

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