Venue notes: Ballhaus, Saarbrücken, Germany

Former music venue (late 80s to mid-90s), located at Dudweilerstrasse 33 in Saarbrücken. There was a bar in the front room, and a small performance space (capacity 150-200) with a stage in the back room. Thanks to Ulf Wholigan.

Nova Mob guitarist Chris Hesler, writing in Nov 2014 (nearly 22 years after the band played there) adds: "The performance space was pretty austere, shaped like a tiny gymnasium (or a racquetball court) and painted black as I recall. There was a small, crowded bar in this room as well, near the doorway to the front room. Directly opposite the bar was an alley or courtyard where bands could park and load gear. The stage, such as it was, faced SSW."

No other info available.

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