Venue notes: Rockschot Festival, Aarschot, Belgium

Defunct music festival: According to this Belgian archive site, the festival was first organized in 1988 and lasted until 1994. The site offers setlists only for 1991, 1993, and 1994. Festival site was Speelplein Bekaf, a park located on Bekaflaan. Chris Hesler, guitarist for Nova Mob, who played here on 10 Jul 1993, recalls in 2019:

"I do remember that we had to drive the van through a gate and a warren of small buildings, parked vehicles, et cetera. A series of turns took us to an outdoor stage (possibly the shed-like structure at bottom left in the photo). The capacity being listed as 1000 seems arbitrary. And the comment about Grant performing at ground level is an in-joke by our Dutch booking agent. Grant did run around with a melon from backstage, pretending to seek out John Mayall for an autograph."

No other info available.

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