Venue notes: Rockitz, Richmond VA

Defunct punk club, formerly located at 727 W. Broad St (Laurel & Broad), a site subsequently occupied by a string of successor clubs (Metro, Sweetwater, Empire). The institution survives (2011) as a nonprofit music education and artist development service organization, and has a website here.

Tony Rogers, whose band performed there in the 80s, writes in Nov 2006: "I remember playing at this place not too far from VCU. [It] had 2 floors, downstairs there was a bar, tv, etc and upstairs there was the band and there was lots of action in the stairwell between the floors. The upstairs room was huge, cavernous — stage was very much like a VFW stage or something, cut out of a paneling wall, about 5 feet in the air if I remember correctly. My band from DC played there a year or so post Dü."

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