Venue notes: Ritz, New York NY

The present (2022) and former Webster Hall at 125 E 11th St was home to The Ritz through most of the 80s.

According to Wikipedia, the venue relocated to the site of the former Studio 54 at 254 West 54th St in April 1989 and was redesignated as the New Ritz. It's not clear how formal the "New" qualifier was (i.e., was it included as part of the name on exterior signage?), but in any case it didn't really stick: By the time of the Bob Mould gig here on 13 Oct 1989, the concert ticket listed the venue as the New Ritz, the newspaper ad included the word "new" as part of an introductory line above the Ritz logo, and the concert listing in the Daily News just called it The Ritz. The venue writeup on states that the name formally reverted to The Ritz in 1990 and that the club shut down for good in 1994.

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