Venue notes: Pop Shop, Cleveland

Defunct punk club. Was located in the basement of the old Agora at 1730 E 24th St near the corner of Payne Ave, on the urban campus of Cleveland State University. This incarnation of the Agora was actually the second of three. The club was founded in 1966 by Henry LoConti Sr, on Cornell Rd, near Case Western Reserve University, but quickly outgrew the space and moved to the E. 24th site in 1967. The downstairs club was originally called the Mistake, then renamed the Pop Shop (dates uncertain), which hosted punk bands and lesser known acts (the upstairs Agora featured more mainstream bands, including some big names like AC/DC). The Pop Shop closed Sep 1984, and a month later the building was damaged by fire. The Agora relocated to 5000 Euclid Ave, where it remains in operation as of 2018. The old Agora/Pop Shop building was razed and is now a CSU parking lot. Henry LoConti Sr. died in 2014. There's more historical info about the Agora on the Cleveland Historical site and on the club's Wikipedia page (although the latter curiously omits any mention of the Pop Shop).

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