Venue notes: Opera House, Philadelphia

This was not the real Opera House, but, as Brett Tobias writes in Sep 2005, "a dingy old warehouse at 3rd and Brown Streets in North Philadelphia where occasional shows were held. I guess somebody gave it the fancy name to attract people to a somewhat undesirable part of town."

Correspondent Paul Quigley adds in Oct 2008: "I was at [the 10 May 1985 Hüsker Dü] show. I thought the name of the venue was the 'Warehouse' but it's been 20+ years. I won a pair of tickets from WKDU, the Drexel University radio station. The opening bands were The Johnsons and Electric Love Muffin in that order. The location was an asbestos removal training center where many bands practiced for cheap. It was dingy but fun. I think Big Black played there as well but it never caught on."

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