Venue notes: Papagaio, Milwaukee WI

Bar and performance venue that operated on the second floor at 515 N. Broadway from late 1981 until mid-1986, when a nearby club called The Underground relocated into the space. By 1987 it had been renamed Club New York. This cached article from states that the building "was ultimately razed due to damage caused by the construction of the deep tunnel project."

This Milwaukee Sentinel article from Feb 1982 documents the club's beginnings: "Located in the same spacious second-level loft that once housed a heavy machine shop and more recently a fencing club, Papagaio opened quietly shortly before New Year's Day 1982." The article goes on to describe the decor: "An extraordinary transformation has taken place under the careful guidance of proprietor Bobby Bell. The walls were stripped down to the original brick and reshaped into archways for better use of the club's 7,000 square feet of space. A glass-enclosed disc jockey booth is perched high above a two-tiered stage designed to showcase live performances. Smoky contemporary mirrors reflect a decidedly art deco motif, complete with brass-plated gaslights and potted palms."

Correspondent Qris Jonz, writing in Jan 2016, recalls with some confidence that the 11 Jan 1986 Hüsker Dü Milwaukee show was here (not at Century Hall, where they'd played six months earlier).

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