Venue notes: The Outhouse, Lawrence KS

Celebrated/notorious former punk venue in Lawrence (1984-1998). Located at 1837 N. 1500 County Road. It's heyday was the 80s, and by the 90s the place was having more downs than ups. Mounting financial pressures ultimately forced the owner to give up the lease. The new owners retained the name but turned the club into a strip joint.

There's an amazingly comprehensive writeup about the old Outhouse here, a complete history, filled with photos, audio, video, reminiscences. It's not clear that Hüsker Dü actually played here on 30 Apr 1986, despite the flyer. Evidence suggests that the show was moved to the KU Union Ballroom (although it might have been the other way around — if anyone knows more about this, please get in touch).

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