Venue notes: Lift Ticket Lounge, Omaha NE

Bar and music club featuring punk/alternative acts that was located at 6212 Maple St. Familiarly known as "Lifticket" it was in operation in the 1980s and early 90s. Currently (2022) the site of The Waiting Room, whose website offers the following brief history of its predecessor:

      Though it began life as a car dealership in the 1920ís, the building at 6212 Maple Street in the heart of the Benson neighborhood that now houses The Waiting Room Lounge is no stranger to hosting live music. Through the 1980ís and into the early í90ís the same address was home to the now legendary Lift Ticket Lounge, a modest-sized club that none the less played host to the likes of Jesus Lizard, Soundgarden and Nirvana — to name only a few — not to mention countless local acts that would serve as the bedrock for what has become a nationally recognized and thriving music scene.

The building and neighborhood would undergo many changes over the next fifteen years as many of the well-known storefronts that lined Maple Street would close while Omahaís nightlife moved to other areas of town. Meanwhile, 6212 lived on as D Dubís pub, a primarily motorcycle-focused bar, would expand into the adjacent bay and build a larger stage on the west end of the room. Despite mostly hosting cover bands on the weekends, the building was still a venue for live music.

Beginning in the late 1990ís, Marc Leibowitz and Jim Johnson, sensing a growing appetite for more of the punk and indie shows that often passed over Omaha at the time, started 1% Productions. What started as a part-time hobby and labor of love quickly grew into a full-time enterprise, eventually booking hundreds of shows a year at various venues throughout the city. In 2007, the duo decided to finally take the plunge and open their own club where they could host the multitude of local and touring acts they were working with and The Waiting Room Lounge was born.

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