Venue notes: Odeon, Münster

Theater that was in operation as a live music venue from 1977-2002. It was located at Frauenstrasse 51-52. Münster native "Kirsty," writing in Mar 2013, provides some background information:

"[Odeon] was one of Münster's most famous venues for smaller concerts, with a capacity of only 500 people. Many bands played there during the 80s and 90s who later became famous. Unfortunately the Odeon was closed in 2002 and the building demolished. After they built a new building, a restaurant called Monegro was located there."

James Lynch, writing in May 2015, adds: "It was also reasonably popular with a small group of UK servicemen in the 80s. We had a small crew that used it regularly. I had a brief romance with the girl who did the cloakroom! We returned last year, fond memories. But have to say there were some total clueless people there too, mostly plastic anarchist types,who would ask us for beers etc. On the whole it was ok, some fit girls there too. Especially remember one who worked in Cha Cha record shop. She was half eastern, and had a beautiful blond friend called Vera, though in those days Anglo-German relations were not great. Happy memories."

There's a bit more info about the Odeon and it's demise at this site.

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