Venue notes: Metropolis, Seattle

Defunct punk club. Was located at 207 Second Ave S, in Pioneer Square. Andy Scheen of Seattle, who attended the 16 Oct 1983 Hüsker show here, reminisced in Oct 2000: "[Metropolis] opened up in about the summer of 83 and shut down in the spring of 85. Great place, always all ages, live music 4-6 nights a week. The Metropolis still has legendary status to this day among Seattle 'old timers' -- there has never been a place nearly as good. It's extremely difficult to open an all-ages club in this town due to some really screwy laws. The owner's name was Hugo; I can't remember his last name, although I still see him around. He opened a coffee shop for a while and I'm not sure what he's doing now."

Upon reading the above in May 2005, Hugo checked in to report: "I am in Hawaii, leading a new project. See my website below." So, here's his website, Gypsie Nation.

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