Venue notes: Mendiola's Ballroom, Huntington Park (LA) CA

Punk venue that was around briefly in the early 80s. Was located at 6130 Pacific Blvd. Andy Nystrom, who was reviewing shows for Flipside at the time and attended the 11 Jan 1983 Hüsker Dü show here, reminisces in Aug 2001:

"Mendiola's was indeed a very short-lived place in one of the sketchiest areas in LA (I remember my dad was a little worried when he dropped me off in the hands of the Hüskers before that one. Grant thought it was kinda funny, anyway. We all got home unharmed -- except for the usual onslaught on the eardrums!) ... I believe only two shows happened there, the Hüsker one and the infamous Exploited riot that you can see footage of in, I believe, the first Flipside video.

"Hüskers' sound check was done with about 20 or so gig-goers hanging around (they let people in early) and the band smoked through about 5 or 6 songs, prompting one guy to ask Bob if they were playing two sets. Nope, just a sound check ... but what a great one. I remember a particularly killer version of 'It's Not Funny Anymore' in there."

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