Venue notes: Maceba Theater, Houston

Shut down in the 80s because of major asbestos problems. (Thanks to Frank Anderson.)

Recalling the 17 Apr 1987 Hüsker Dü show here 16 years after the fact, Jeff Jackson writes: "Opening bands were Christmas and Cargo Cult. The venue was downtown in an old movie ballroom with red curtains and red seats. there was only a five foot place to stand in front of the stage. Everyone wanted to stand in front and not sit down. [The place had] a balcony [but was] without a/c. The urinals were held in place by duct tape, one of the best uses of duct tape I have seen."

Jamie Morris, writing in Aug 2015, adds: "I was a bouncer for the Hüsker Dü show at the Maceba Theater in Houston in '87. The space for dancing and slamming was very small, but that didn't last long. I was center stage on the floor, and it was wild! By the time Hüsker Dü was half way through their show, at least five rows of seats had been demolished to make room for mayhem. I bounced a lot of shows there, and this was by far the craziest. Probably the only show I bounced that I had moments of fear that I was going to get seriously injured."

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