Venue notes: Le Local, Lyon FR

Band rehearsal space that was rented out for public performances in the 1990s (exact time frame uncertain). It was located at 32 Rue des Tables Claudiennes. As of 2021, the site was occupied by a bar called Meltdown.

Correspondent Hugo Higgins (aka Higgins-a-Gogo) writes in 2021: "[The club] was called « le local » which meant 'the practice place'. It belonged to a local band called Carte De Séjour which got very famous nationally. There were 4 Arabian guys in the band, including Rachid Taha, who became a worldwide well known singer. Silly Hornets were the local bookers, they were renting this space from the band and booked tons of great shows there. I was part of the crew at the beginning, we booked Fugazi, Nomeansno and Samiam shows."

No other info available.

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